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Electronics and Electrical Components


Video feature: Seaward presents PATguard Elements software video

Seaward GroupFri, 9 May 2014

This video feature from Seaward presents PATguard Elements, an easy-to-use manual software program that allows users to keep portable appliance testing (PAT) records.


Video feature: Bob Dobkin of Linear Technology discusses analogue circuits videoweblink

Linear TechnologyMon, 24 Mar 2014

In this video feature, Bob Dobkin, chief technical officer and co-founder of Linear Technology, discusses his career leading up to his time at Linear Technology and how his jobs exposed him to many different types of analogue circuits. He also talks about the key design issues of analogue circuits.

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RSS feed for Measurment, Quality Control and Test

Measurment, Quality Control and Test


Video feature: Scancontrol 2D/3D laser scanner from Micro-Epsilon video

Micro-EpsilonWed, 13 Aug 2014

This video highlights the capabilities of Scancontrol. Laser scanners in the Scancontrol series are said to be among the highest-performing profile sensors available with respect to accuracy and measuring rate.


Video feature: CapaNCDT 6500 capacitive displacement measurement system video

Micro-EpsilonFri, 8 Aug 2014

The CapaNCDT 6500 series is a multi-channel capacitive displacement measurement system that offers sub-nanometre resolution, excellent temperature stability and rapid changeover of sensors without any re-calibration required. Due to its extreme resolution and flexibility, the system can provide high-accuracy displacement, positioning, thickness, gap, drift or creep measurements.

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Video feature: Aerodag Ceramishield weld coating from Henkel video

Henkel LtdFri, 11 Jul 2014

Aerodag Ceramishield from Henkel is a ceramic protective coating for use during welding. Using the product, welders can protect welding equipment from metal spatter. Application is said to be fast and easy.


Video feature: Contec contacting system videoweblink

Fronius UKThu, 22 May 2014

This video feature presents Fronius’s Contec contact technology. The Contec contacting system exemplifies how progress in one small area can lead to a disproportionate change to the whole. Constant process conditions and an increase in service life by factors as high as 15 have a significant impact on quality and productivity.

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Video feature: JBJ components for power transmission and fluid power industries videoweblink

JBJ Techniques Wed, 20 Aug 2014

This video presents JBJ Techniques’ comprehensive service for the mechanical power transmission and fluid power industries. The UK-based company offers large stocks for next-day delivery on many items.


Video feature: Berg Propulsion Technology increases reliability with Loctite products videoweblink

Henkel LtdWed, 23 Jul 2014

Berg Propulsion manufacturers ship propellers for a variety of vessels. Safety and reliability are vital for marine propulsion. According to Anders Christofferson, managing director at Berg Propulsion, Loctite products increase the reliability of the company’s propellers.

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Video feature: Purelab Flex water purification system from Elga Process Water video

Elga Process WaterFri, 6 Jun 2014

The Purelab Flex from Elga Process Water delivers purified water that is constantly monitored at the point of dispense. This system’s efficient purification process makes it very cost effective to operate and is ideal for auto-volume dispensing.


Video feature: DRS3500 ultrasonic wire and cable cleaning system from Hielscher video

Hielscher USAMon, 12 May 2014

This video presents the DRS3500 ultrasonic wire and cable cleaning system from Hielscher Ultrasonics. The DRS3500 provides high-power ultrasound for the inline cleaning of continuous materials. Thanks to its high intense cavitational forces, it can remove dirt and residues such as soaps, lubricants and dust.

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Software and Communications


Video feature: how to request a quotation in Endress and Hauser's online shop video

Endress+HauserThu, 20 Feb 2014

Endress and Hauser is a supplier of measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. This short video demonstrates how simple it is to request a quotation from Endress and Hauser’s online shop, including requesting a quotation from product catalogues and via the shopping basket.


Video feature: Endress and Hauser’s online shop as an information resource videoweblink

Endress+HauserThu, 6 Feb 2014

This video demonstrates how Endress and Hauser’s online shop can be used to access technical data, identify spare parts, get an overview of recent business activity, track orders, see shipping and delivery information and view recent quotes.

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