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Electronics and Electrical Components

Video feature: achieve 101dB SNR with the LTC2379-18 analogue-to-digital converter video

Linear TechnologyTue, 9 Jun 2015

Linear Technology’s LTC2379-18 uses SAR ADC technology, achieving 18-bit performance at 1.6Msps with 101dB SNR. In this video, a designer of the LTC2379-18 demonstrates the performance of the device and shares his insights into the design of this 18-bit ADC.


Video feature: SABCO utilises Unitronics controllers for beer and beverage brewing videoweblink

UnitronicsThu, 26 Mar 2015

For many years, brewing company SABCO has partnered with Unitronics for its full line of smart programmable logic controllers. SABCO uses several Unitronics controllers, including those found in the Vision series.

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RSS feed for Measurement, Quality Control and Test

Measurement, Quality Control and Test

FLIR C2 thumbnail

Video feature: FLIR C2 pocket-sized thermal camera for building experts videoweblink

Flir Systems — ThermographyThu, 12 Mar 2015

This video focuses on the new FLIR C2 — a portable, pocket-sized thermal-imaging camera that enables users to visualise things they couldn’t before, such as heat loss, where to improve energy efficiency, trouble spots in roofing and pipes behind walls.


Video feature: Druck DPI 611 pressure calibrator from GE Measurement & Control video

GE Measurement & ControlThu, 20 Nov 2014

The Druck DPI 611 from GE Measurement & Control is dedicated to pressure test and calibration and is precision engineered for efficiency and accuracy. 

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Video feature: sculptor and inventor Daniel Chadwick works with maxon motor videoweblink

maxon motorThu, 9 Apr 2015

Sculptor and inventor Daniel Chadwick has worked with maxon motor uk for many years. Watch this short video to find out how, and why, he uses maxon products in his work.

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Video feature: WERMA wireless monitoring with output counter videoweblink

Werma UK Mon, 8 Jun 2015

This video presents the new counting function available with WERMA’s WIN wireless monitoring system.


Video feature: how F1 technology influences medical design videoweblink

CRP GroupMon, 1 Jun 2015

Windform additive manufacturing technology from CRP Group has reportedly revolutionised the world of orthotics. The designs are waterproof, breathable, skin-contact approved, wearable and custom fit.

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VRM portal

Video feature: Vehicle Repair and Maintenance portal from Henkel videoweblink

Henkel LtdWed, 15 Apr 2015

The Vehicle Repair and Maintenance (VRM) portal from Henkel is the subject of an introductory video for bodyshops and workshops in the automotive aftermarket as well as product distributors. The video can be viewed through the LOCTITE Europe YouTube channel.


Video feature: JBJ components for power transmission and fluid power industries videoweblink

JBJ Techniques Wed, 20 Aug 2014

This video presents JBJ Techniques’ comprehensive service for the mechanical power transmission and fluid power industries. The UK-based company offers large stocks for next-day delivery on many items.

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RSS feed for Software and Communications

Software and Communications

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Video feature: WERMA's wireless monitoring system for machines and workstations videoweblink

Werma UK Thu, 28 May 2015

This video provides an introduction to WERMA’s wireless monitoring system for machines and workstations. The machine enables users to keep track of their manufacturing operations. This system will tell users what happened, when and how long for. It allows operators to locate the real bottlenecks that are damaging their productivity. 


Video feature: WIN wireless monitoring kit from WERMA videoweblink

Werma UK Wed, 22 Apr 2015

Want to reduce downtime on your production line or work cell? — Look at Werma’s WIN wireless monitoring kit.

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