Ultrasound port enables detection of faults in electrical distribution systems and switchgear

VP12 ultrasound port

IRISS has launched the VP12 ultrasound port, which enables technicians to identify potentially hazardous and costly faults, such as arcing, tracking and corona, in electrical distribution systems and switchgear.

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According to the company, the system — which can be used for either ultrasound or infrared inspection tasks — provides access to consistent-quality data regardless of the technician’s experience or the enclosure rating. 

In ventilated switchgear, the port provides a standardised measurement point, but in NEMA-rated enclosures its effect is said to be even more valuable.

Technicians wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment can collect data on critical, energised equipment in accordance with the safety mandates listed within NFPA70E.

Key specifications

  • Body measures 6.5cm in diameter and features a 1.2cm port
  • Port is manufactured using non-conductive, UL94 switchgear-grade plastics and insulated to 30kV/mm
  • Standard kit includes an infrared transmissive lens for optional and permanent use as an infrared window for small targets or small infrared camera lens apertures
  • Alternative grill opening complies with the IP2X standard for maximum hole size in switchgear to prevent the accidental insertion of tools and fingers
  • Lockable cover maintains IP65/NEMA 4 seal when closed and the overall unit is impact and flame resistant in line with IEEE standards

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