Esprit 2010 CAM eases pocket milling

DP Technology

Esprit 2010 software

DP Technology is to exhibit its Esprit 2010 software at Industrie 2010 on 22-26 March in Paris France.

Representatives of DP Technology will be available to discuss Esprit upgrades and demonstrate how those upgrades can be put to work for the customer.

The company claimed that every Esprit user will benefit from a faster-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) used to define machining operations throughout Esprit.

The tree-style GUI is used to define machining parameters used for cutting parts in milling, turning and wire EDM programming.

In addition to an array of upgrades, the machining of pockets is said to be easier with Esprit 2010 due to advancements in feature recognition.

The upgraded advanced feature recognition automatically recognises pockets with any combination of open and closed walls, fillets, chamfers and tapered walls.

Including major upgrades to milling functions, Esprit 2010 features several three-axis milling cycles, improved five-axis cycles, feature-based machining for all Freeform cycles and the ability to define a third-party rotary axis for milling machines.

Knitted surfaces for parametric machining and advanced pocket feature recognition are also among milling upgrades, as well as associativity with CAD models.

Advances made to Esprit Wire EDM functions include a cycle for four-axis pocketing and new technology for EDM machines equipped with a rotary axis.

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