Delcam Italia set to demonstrate CADCAM software for toolmakers at Eurostampi 2014

CADCAM software

At the Eurostampi exhibition in Parma on 27—29 March 2014, Delcam Italia will demonstrate its complete CADCAM suite for the design, machining and inspection of moulds, dies and other tooling. The suite combines Delcam’s Powershape CAD software, Powermill CAM system and Powerinspect inspection software and is said to enable toolmakers to work more efficiently and to higher levels of accuracy.

Offering a combination of solid, surface and direct modelling, Powershape provides a comprehensive range of design techniques. Having all the different technologies in the same package reduces the need to transfer data between multiple programs and so streamlines the whole product development process.

At the same time, the combination of quick and easy direct modelling options, together with powerful and flexible surface modelling makes Powershape a suitable choice for design for manufacture.

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Key product features


  • The direct modelling functionality in Powershape Pro tooling allows tooling designers to tackle all the common problems that they find in product designs, such as insufficient draft or inappropriate fillet sizes
  • Together with the data translation and data repair options available in Powershape, the direct modelling tools give a unique range of capabilities to tool-making companies, whether they are producing moulds, press tools or die-casting equipment


  • The Powermill CAM system for high-speed and five-axis machining includes a range of strategies, together with powerful editing tools, to allow the optimum toolpaths to be produced in the shortest calculation times
  • As well as enabling faster machining times, the strategies in Powermill give exceptional surface quality, meaning that hand finishing can be eliminated in many cases
  • The Vortex high-efficiency area clearance strategy has been developed by Delcam specifically to gain the maximum safe metal-removal rate from solid carbide tooling, in particular those designs that can give deeper cuts by using the full flute length as the cutting surface
  • It can be used for two- and three-axis roughing, three-plus-two-axis area clearance and for rest machining based on stock models or reference toolpaths


  • Powerinspect hardware-independent inspection software combines the ability to work with all types of inspection device with a comprehensive range of inspection routines for taking simple measurements, for inspection of geometric features and for analysing complex 3D surfaces
  • The resulting reports present detailed information in an easy-to-read format that can be understood by all engineers


  • FeatureCAM is designed for companies that undertake production machining, in particular on mill-turn equipment, in particular on mill-turn equipment

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