ATS upgrades manufacturing inspection software to include reference documents


ATS Inspect 5.4

ATS Inspect 5.4 — a software product that is designed to provide enhanced control and efficiency in manufacturing processes — includes several new functions, allowing manufacturers to share best practices and to enforce global quality standards throughout the manufacturing and supply chain.

One of its main features enables system administrators to create mandatory inspection steps that are assigned to each station in the desired sequence using Cockpit.

Each step may include checklist questions, views, view categories and part categories and can have an image associated to it to highlight where the operator is working.

In Data Collect, the operator must begin with the first inspection step assigned to the station and cannot proceed to the next step until the current step has been completed.

Completion will be accomplished by answering all checklist questions assigned to the step.

Additional features

  • Reference documents can be added to give extra information to the operators carrying out inspections
  • Two Repair controls help speed up the repair process
  • The Last Repair Comments control displays a list of the most recent comments associated to the selected component/concern/repair combination
  • The Top Repair Types control displays the most common repairs for the selected component
  • Customisable Repair Triggers send notifications when individual repairs are entered into the Inspect system
  • Password encryption provides a higher level of security

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