White paper explains determination of critical flaw size in a gun-launched 40mm grenade


Abaqus Explicit finite element analysis code

Simulia has published a white paper explaining the determination of critical flaw size in a gun-launched 40mm grenade.

First, Abaqus Explicit finite-element analysis code is used to conduct interior ballistic simulation of a 40mm shape charge projectile.

Second, the explicit model results are passed to Nasgro software for critical flaw-size determination using the linear-elastic fracture-mechanics theory.

The modelling information and approach to the problem will be presented in this paper, as well as explicit model results and proposed inspection criteria.

To read the white paper, please click the link above to download the PDF.

White paper contents

  • Inspection and screening of flaws in high explosive-filled gun-fired projectiles
  • Ensuring safety for soldiers
  • Determining the maximum permissible crack size for a given component coming off of the production floor
  • Analytical process to determine critical flaw size

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