Excel Software launches AppProtect 2.0 to protect Mac or Windows software

Excel Software

AppProtect 2.0

Excel Software has launched AppProtect 2.0, which applies protection and a vendor-controlled or fully automated online-activation process to a compiled application to protect Mac or Windows software. 

AppProtect wraps a Mac or Windows application with an activation process that requires a computer-unique password or serial number on first launch. 

Key specifications

  • Excel Software provides vendor accounts for the Safe Activation service or a vendor can self-host an activation server using Web Activation
  • AppProtect 2.0 on Windows adds the ability to embed static data files into the executable
  • For an application constructed from an interpreted language or requiring external data files, the unprotected files are are no longer accessible by the user
  • Allows a secure licence to be applied and simplifies the user experience since the entire application is distributed as a single file
  • Offers encryption and decryption features that enable Cycling 74 Max5 programmers to protect and license the software they create
  • Supplements the standard protection available to all applications with five additional, optional layers of protection
  • Each protection layer works independently so the developer can customise the protection for a specific application
  • Can be used to protect a standard Mac OS X application (.app) or Windows executable (.exe)
  • Includes a printed and PDF user guide with pop-up help screens that allow anyone to protect and license an application without programming skills

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