Enginsoft distributes shape-deformation software


Sculptor software

Optimal Solutions Software LLC and Enginsoft have announced an agreement that will see Enginsoft as the distributor for Sculptor software in Europe.

Sculptor is a shape-deformation software capable of arbitrarily deforming a computerised model whose shape is defined by a CAE mesh.

These mesh models are typically created using one of the leading CFD or FEA codes, (Fluent, CFX, Ansys, Simulia, Star CCM+, OpenFoam, Nastran, etc.).

A Sculptor module, Back2CAD, gives users the ability to deform their CAD models to match the optimised CAE shapes or to deform CAD models directly.

Sculptor can be used with a user's existing CAD and CAE tools.

By using Sculptor's Arbitrary Shape Deformation (ASD) technology, design engineers and analysts can reshape objects in a few minutes.

Sculptor also provides automated shape optimisation that eliminates trial-and-error methods and methods that use CAD parameters for shape change.

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