Case study: Cadac Organice on using Microsoft Sharepoint for efficient project collaboration

Cadac Organice

Project collaboration case study

Cadac Organice has produced a case study about engineering project collaboration — both internal and external — using Microsoft Sharepoint.

Within project-driven engineering industries, companies collaborate in project teams. For example, in the owner/operator market, owners collaborate with contractors, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers.

When collaborating, it is important that information is shared efficiently, ensuring that everyone has the right information and is aware of their tasks.

According to Cadac Organice, collaboration requires a flexible environment for managing, sharing and exchanging information and documents.

In addition, companies need to be able to support any form of collaboration with external partners — whether they depend on paper, can communicate through email or are able to collaborate digitally using an extranet environment.

Case study highlights

  • How project teams can manage and share documents with internal disciplines and external partners
  • How documents can be exchanged on paper, through email or through extranet collaboration
  • How these exchanges of documents can take place in line with individual requirements, capabilities and contractual relationships

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