Curve-fitting software validated by NPL

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XLfit 4

The United Kingdom's National Physical Laboratory has tested and validated the numerical correctness of the curve-fitting component of the XLfit 4 add-on for Excel.

The United Kingdom's National Physical Laboratory (NPL) hasworked with IDBS, a leading provider of integrated datamanagement, analysis and decision-making software, to test andvalidate the numerical correctness of the curve fitting componentof XLfit 4 (curve-fitting and data analysis software that expandsthe power Excel).

The National Physical Laboratory's Centrefor Mathematics and Scientific Computing develops and validatesmathematical models and software, and offers independent servicesto aid the development of secure, reliable and robust IT systems.NPL considered sixteen specific curve fitting models fromIDBS' XLfit 4.

The organisation generated ten reference datasets for each model and compared test results provided by IDBSfor these data sets with reference results held by NPL.Independent validation by the NPL means that companystatisticians can now validate XLfit quicker than other curvefitting packages.

"By extending the functionality of Exceland simplifying curve fitting, XL fit 4 provides astraightforward and efficient way for researchers to carry outtheir statistical analysis within the familiar spreadsheetenvironment," commented Neil Kipling, chairman and CEO ofIDBS.

"We are pleased to offer users the added confidence ofthe National Physical Laboratory's validation of the curvefitting component".

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