Cadac Organice Workbox enables advanced workflow management in Sharepoint

Cadac Organice

Workbox 2010 R4

Cadac Organice has announced the launch of Workbox 2010 R4, which includes new features and functionalities for advanced workflow management in Microsoft Sharepoint.

It supports project-driven engineering companies in automating business processes with productive workflows in Sharepoint.

Users are able to define four types of workflows: list workflows, site workflows, reusable workflows and globally reusable workflows.

Reusable workflows enable the use of a single workflow definition on several lists in a single site, while globally reusable workflows enable the use of a single workflow definition on several lists in multiple sites within one site collection.

Key features and benefits

  • Extended launch forms allow users to export data to SQL Reporting Services, Excel spreadsheets or any other reporting tool and to analyse workflows to evaluate processes, find bottlenecks and streamline work
  • Extended loop activity enables users to perform one or more tasks repeatedly within a workflow
  • Iteration counter monitors and shows how many times tasks have been repeated and the status of the overall workflow execution
  • Extended field permissions with attachments and author information are provided
  • Users have the ability to create and add new users to the active directory, send SOAP requests to web services, run Powershell scripts and add new items and immediately set item field values
  • Custom end-state name is displayed in the workflow history

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