Video Server API from Multipix enables users to transmit images over network for analysis

Multipix Imaging

Pleora Video Server API

It is now possible to transmit images over a network from a computer to one or more destinations in a Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) manner using the Pleora Video Server application programming interface (API) from Multipix Imaging.

Images are captured and sent to the Video Server API from several types of devices or applications. The images could be sent from one or more GigE Vision-compatible cameras; from a file, such as a WMV file; from one or more cameras using USB, Firewire or other point-to-point technology; or from computer-generated video, representing raw data, such as performance counters.

The Video Server API will offer additional benefits to a traditional GigE Vision transmitter, such as a camera. The table below provides the comparison.

Comparison table

As the table shows, the Video Server API is used primarily to transfer images from a computer to GigE Vision-compliant receivers. Control of the image stream and other parameters is not performed using Genicam, as is done with a typical camera.

However, an image acquisition application created using the Ebus software development kit can control a video server application using a custom protocol and an out-of-band communications method.

Click on the link above to download the Video Server API guide.

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