Technical article: 2012 Embedded Systems Outlook report

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2012 Embedded Systems Outlook report

National Instruments’ 2012 Embedded Systems Outlook aims to provide information for companies working with embedded control and monitoring applications within industries such as energy, industrial control, life sciences and transportation.

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The report provides information about technology and business trends in embedded computing that could impact future systems.

Additionally, National Instruments also shares its conclusions about the direction of the embedded systems market.

This will enable engineers and managers to develop and implement strategies for maintaining embedded systems.

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Key features

  • Embedded platforms — providers are developing platforms that combine hardware with an integrated software framework
  • Reconfigurable computing — advanced embedded systems are fuelling an increase in designs that make the most of programmable logic
  • Mobile devices and the cloud — designer teams are taking advantage of the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud technologies within next-generation embedded systems
  • Innovating with smaller teams — smaller teams are providing an efficient method for companies to bring innovations into markets
  • Future proofing through software — design teams are adopting a ’software first’ mindset for upgrading products over time



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