Inertial Aerosystems offers dead-reckoning module with motion classification algorithms

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Honeywell DRM4000L

ETLG (Inertial Aerosystems) has enhanced its Magnetics range by upgrading to Honeywell’s latest dead-reckoning module, the DRM4000L, which is claimed to improve upon the previous model’s performance, reliability and power consumption.

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According to ETLG, personnel on foot can use the Honeywell DRM4000L as a source of continuous, gap-free, position and location information, with or without an external GPS, which finds position relative to an initialisation point.

With a power consumption of 250mW, the Honeywell DRM4000L uses 100mW less than its predecessor.

The introduction of three digital rate gyros in a single package, to replace the previous three single analogue rate gyros design and improved manufacturing processes, mean that a single PCB board can be used instead of the previous three-board design, leading to a reduction in both size and weight.

Key benefits

  • Horizontal accuracy: two per cent distance travelled
  • Barometric altimeter provides vertical positioning accurate to 1.5m
  • Uses patented motion classification algorithms (Smartpedometry) to distinguish between walking, running, side stepping and walking backwards
  • Where GPS data is available, the dead reckoning sensors are automatically calibrated continuously
  • Optional development kit includes enclosure complete with GPS receiver, antenna, interfaces and development software

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