Kane Computing offers portable JTAG Emulator for developing better software faster

Kane Computing

XDS560v2 STM Traveler JTAG Emulator

Kane Computing has announced that Spectrum Digital has released the USB bus-powered XDS560v2 STM Traveler JTAG Emulator, which, by operating without a standalone power supply, allows the user to be more flexible in developing and testing products.

The XDS560v2 STM Traveler works with Texas Instrument’s (TI’s) Code Composer Studio IDETM Version 4.2 or higher on Windows-based host systems, making it compatible with existing XDS560v2s.

It also operates on Linux host systems with TI’s Code Composer Studio IDETM Version 5 or higher.

According to Kane Computing, the emulator delivers a higher level of debug capability, as well as MIPI System Trace on select processors, modular JTAG tail, a standard CTI20 JTAG interface with a CTI20-TI14 target adaptor.

Key features

  • Powered by the host PC’s USB 2.0 interface
  • Seven LEDs indicate emulator’s operational status
  • Reset switch is user accessible
  • Supports processors with JTAG interface levels from 1.2–4.1V
  • Supports a number of Texas Instruments processors
  • Supports DSS Java scripting for system and production testing

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