AV software meets US government's information assurance requirements

Green Hills Software

 Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Open Platform

Green Hill Software’s Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Open Platform is a secure software foundation for AV and Universal Control Segments (UCS) developers to host their Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS) applications, such as those for the military.

The foundation for the software is the secure, multi-level Integrity-178B real-time operating system. This meets the safety requirements of RTCA/DO-178B Level A and the information assurance requirements of the US government’s EAL6 Separation Kernel Protection Profile.

The open-platform also includes a FIPS-validated embedded cryptographic toolkit and a TCP stack and file system.

Furthermore, the platform approach is agnostic to the hardware so that users can utilise the hardware architecture that is most suitable for their environment.

Key product features

  • Integrity-178B real-time operating system(s)
  • ISS UCS Open Platform
  • ISS proprietary FIPS-validated embedded cryptographic toolkit
  • Multi-integrated development environment
  • Platform meets the latest government standards
  • Available on a range of microprocessor architectures
  • Support is available for Windows, Linux, Integrity and other general-purpose operating systems on ARM, Intel, Power Architecture, MIPS and other processor architectures
  • ISS µSSL, µSSH, µVPN (IPSec/IKEv2), and µLoad Secure Boot Toolkits — optional
  • TCP Networking Stack, web server, Layer 3 IP Routing, USB and Management Stacks — optional
  • ISS Anti-Tamper Platform — optional

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