Bürkert set to offer more on-site training courses to process control professionals

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Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has announced its aim to offer more on-site training courses to those involved in the process control industry. To this end, it is increasing the number of trainers it has available to carry out training at customer premises.

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Steam and Sensors courses are being run at Bürkert’s headquarters in Cirencester, UK. The Steam training course will run in March and November, while there are only a few places left on the Sensors course, which is being held in February. Other courses are available and can be tailored to suit the particular requirements of an individual customer.

The courses provide theory-based learning backed up with practical applications for a hands-on approach. Bürkert uses examples and case study materials throughout the courses to highlight typical applications, all delivered by its experienced staff.

In 2014, the company is offering existing clients and distributors the opportunity to have bespoke training courses conducted on their premises to ensure that design engineers, process engineers and maintenance engineers all have full access to training on site.

Key course information

  • Bürkert aims to provide information on the real physics of batching, cleaning and sterilising, water producing and distributing, filling, heating, cooling, separating, fermenting, distilling or evaporating, where engineers can share experience in complete control loops for flow, conductivity, pH, temperature, pressure and level.
  • The training courses are modular and are independent of each other so people can attend any or all of the courses.
  • All courses are free to attend with lunch and refreshments included throughout the day.

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