Hone-All Precision offers deep hole boring service for difficult to machine alloys

Hone-All Precisioncontact supplier

Boring service

Using its recently purchased Boehringer VDF B3 deep-hole borer, subcontractor Hone-All Precision is able to bore through-holes of up to 140mm diameter in difficult-to-machine materials such as Inconel.

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Other challenging or unusual materials machined by Hone-All Precision include 4140 and 17/4PH stainless steel, Ferrulium, Staballoy, Datalloy and other high-specification alloys.

Typical oil and gas components machined by the subcontractor include tubing hangers, turbine housings, rotors, flow tubes, sample bottles, manifolds and high-pressure assemblies.

Hone-All Precision offers a variety of in-house services that include honing, deep-hole boring, gun drilling, turning, grinding,milling and EDM drilling.

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