Smartmover tugs from Mastermover reduce accidents and improve handling at NHS trust


Smartmover electric-operated tugs

Mastermover has revealed that its electric-operated materials-handling tugs are being used by Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to move roll cages of catering trolleys, laundry and medical notes around its two sites.

Prior to investing in the Smartmover tugs, catering supplies, laundry and medical notes were being unloaded from a truck or van and then moved by roll cage or trolley to their required destinations.

This was said to be inefficient in terms of manpower and also posed too high a risk of injury to staff.

Mastermover was selected to supply its Smartmover electric-operated tug, which is designed for moving roll cages from vehicle tail lifts and across uneven surfaces and slops and can also turn through 90º.

By clamping to the base of the roll cage or trolley, the unit ensures that the cage cannot be tipped onto the operator.

Key benefits of product application

• Smartmover tug is said to be easy to use

• Customer has seen significant improvement in handling efficiencies

• Tugs have reduced risk of handling injuries

• Sealed batteries, variable speed and auto braking come as standard

• Built-in safety functions include twin-speed button, anti-crush button, and an electro-magnetic brake

• Customer said the training was fast, straightforward and provided a morale boost for staff

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