Fleetmatics reduces supply-chain costs at Rohrer's


Fleetmatics application

Fleetmatics has announced that Rohrer's One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning recently selected Fleetmatics to assist in reducing supply chain costs.

With the Fleetmatics application, Rohrer's HVAC has reduced insurance costs while also increasing company revenue.

Rohrer's HVAC, specialising in providing quality installation and repair of heating and air-conditioning equipment, grew to include 37 fleet vehicles, but needed to combat the rising cost of insurance.

Fleetmatics' powerful tracking capabilities encourage some insurance providers to extend discounts to companies that install the system.

With Fleetmatics GPS, fleet managers know the exact location of every vehicle in their fleet.

In the event of theft, any tracked vehicle can be recovered quickly.

Since Fleetmatics GPS receivers are hardwired inconspicuously inside the vehicles, they are virtually tamper proof and theft resistant.

Fleetmatics GPS tracking also monitors vehicle speed and discourages improper driving behaviour.

With this type of control, insurance companies realise that drivers of vehicles with GPS tracking present a lower risk.

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