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Programs (software) used with computer systems involved in the creation and manufacture of products; and hardware and software involved in the storage and transfer of information during design and production processes. Includes design and manufacturing software, process control, computer hardware, wireless devices and data acquisition and analysis.


CGTech integrates with Kennemetal's NOVO cloud-based tool management software downloadweblink

CGTechThu, 23 Oct 2014

CGTech, the developer of VERICUT software for simulating CNC machines, has announced an integration with Kennemetal’s NOVO cloud-based tool management software.

Senses 5300 panel PC

Amplicon introduces Senses 5300 panel PCs for industrial applications downloadweblink

AmpliconWed, 22 Oct 2014

The Senses 5300 series of wide-operating-temperature panel PCs is now available from Amplicon. Available in three LCD display size options — 10in, 12in and 15in — with five-wire resistive touchscreen, the series is said to be suitable for 99 per cent of SCADA/HMI applications.

PAT testing app

Megger introduces portable appliance testing app for iOS and Android devices weblink

MeggerTue, 21 Oct 2014

Megger has introduced an app designed to provide users with a set of software tools to help them carry out portable appliance testing (PAT) more easily and efficiently. The PAT Toolbox app is available in versions for both Apple iOS and Android devices.

The Resource Management and Capacity Planning Handbook

Planview announces publication of resource management and capacity planning handbook weblink

PlanviewTue, 21 Oct 2014

Jerry Manas, senior editor for Planview, has announced his latest book, The Resource Management and Capacity Planning Handbook: A Guide to Maximising the Value of Your Limited People Resources, which is intended to help organisations to conquer the complexities of resource and demand management with benchmarks, guidelines and tools for maximising the value of their people.

Joule losses in the magnets of a synchronous motor analysed in Flux 2D

Licence agreement enables stronger coupling between CEDRAT's Flux code and STAR-CCM downloadweblink

CedratTue, 21 Oct 2014

CEDRAT has signed a licence agreement with CD-adapco. The agreement provides a licence of CD-adapco’s file formats to CEDRAT and will enable stronger coupling between Flux, CEDRAT’s electromagnetics code, and STAR-CCM, CD-adapco’s flow and thermal simulation code.

AVX offers 45 Modelithics substrate scalable equivalent circuit models weblink

AVXFri, 17 Oct 2014

 AVX has expanded its partnership with Modelithics, an RF/microwave simulation model provider, with the addition of 45 new Modelithics substrate scalable equivalent circuit models. 

Operating housings

Rittal unveils range of operating housings with handle strips at Hanover Fair 2014 downloadweblink

RittalFri, 17 Oct 2014

At this year’s Hanover Fair, Rittal unveiled its new operating housings, which have handle strips and are based on the support arm system CP 60/120/180.

ICP DAS WISE-5800 user-defined Distributed Ethernet I/O module

Amplicon offers user-defined Distributed Ethernet I/O module for remote logic control downloadweblink

AmpliconFri, 17 Oct 2014

Amplicon has introduced the ICP DAS WISE-5800, a user-defined Distributed Ethernet I/O module designed for remote logic control and monitoring. According to Rhys Murphy, measurement and control product specialist at Amplicon, the module is ideal for anyone with little programming or coding experience who needs to set up remote logic and monitoring applications.

Cover image

Product brochure: capabilities of ANSYS 15.0 engineering simulation software download

Integrated Design and Analysis ConsultantsThu, 23 Oct 2014

This brochure features numerous charts presenting the capabilities of the ANSYS 15.0 engineering simulation software — which is available from IDAC.

More product downloads

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Infographic: it pays to solve the resource and capacity dilemma download

PlanviewTue, 14 Oct 2014

Organisations that improve the resource management and capacity planning of their people are significantly reducing their top pain points and positioning themselves to better capitalise on business opportunities. This is the main conclusion of the 2014 State of Resource Management and Capacity Planning Report, commissioned by Planview and conducted by Appleseed Partners and Dig Market Research. This infographic presents the findings.

C-Link offers a comprehensive network architecture for all applications

White paper: strengthening the CC-Link open network partnership download

CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)Mon, 13 Oct 2014

Industrial automation companies and high-end equipment manufacturers throughout Europe seek opportunities to expand their business interests by moving into high-volume markets. Faced with continuing uncertainty about the future of the euro, many companies are looking with growing interest at the expansive industrial and manufacturing markets in Asia, especially those in China — the world’s fastest-growing economy.

Video feature: innovation in HPC — the present and the future videoweblink

GEA Process Engineering LtdFri, 10 Oct 2014

This video from GEA Process Engineering explores the role of innovation in the home and personal care (HPC) sector and its importance for the future, both for the customer and the supplier.

Data centre and server security

Technical article: 21st century technology catches up with access control in data centres downloadweblink

EMKAThu, 9 Oct 2014

There have been several breaches of security at high-profile institutions in recent times, and almost every day brings a new story of how a building has been compromised and critical data or hardware destroyed or stolen. Data centre operators have long understood the need for physical access control on server cabinets. There are many ways of securing data centres, and many solutions have evolved over time to address access control at doors and server cabinets.

Report cover

Research report: the state of research management and capacity planning downloadweblink

PlanviewWed, 8 Oct 2014

Overcommitting and under-utilising resources has a domino effect of business impact on project timelines, business opportunities, customer satisfaction, innovation speed, cost containment and resource efficiency. For years, organisations have pointed to the dilemma of overcommitting their resources as their top pain point. This dilemma is often characterised as an insatiable demand for new projects to grow the business, while sustaining the current state of business.

Technical article: educating tomorrow's engineers — before it's too late downloadweblink

EPLANWed, 8 Oct 2014

Educating engineers of the future has become a hot topic in the UK in recent months, with many industry leaders, media titles and educational institutions expressing concern. Ken Christie, UK director of EPLAN, a provider of electrical CAE software, believes cutting engineering from the national curriculum will decrease the visibility of engineering as a profession ever further and maintains that there should instead be a greater focus on course content.

Automotive line

White paper: non-stop open networks — ensuring continuous, efficient production download

CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)Thu, 2 Oct 2014

Open networks play an increasingly significant role in providing manufacturers with control and manufacturing systems that meet stringent communications requirements in today’s challenging industrial environments. To achieve and sustain a competitive edge in ever-challenging markets, organisations need to link engineering, production, supply chain and management into one seamless computerised information system.

CC-Link is a de-facto standard in the flat-panel display industry

White paper: Gateway to China — the world's fastest-growing economy downloadweblink

CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA)Wed, 1 Oct 2014

Burgeoning industrial development throughout China will be one of the most influential driving forces that will determine global growth in the decades ahead. For ambitious companies in Europe, access to this vast marketplace is an essential step to enable them to capitalise on new opportunities for business growth. CLPA has a pivotal role both to create and to support greater European involvement in expanding Chinese market sectors through a groundbreaking initiative.