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Buildings, equipment and other resources used in engineering, manufacturing and processing. Includes equipment related to electrical supplies, air treatment, packaging and finishing, conveyors, storage and handling, weighing and measuring, and health and safety.

Data sheet: Safety-Grip bolt-down plates available from Heskins download

HeskinsTue, 15 Apr 2014

Heskins’ bolt-down plates are ideal for application in areas where Safety-Grip tape is not suitable, such as uneven or loose surfaces including external wooden surfaces.

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Open end to atmosphere

Beko Technologies presents seminar on compressed air at Air-Tech exhibition

Beko TechnologiesThu, 24 Apr 2014

At the recent Air-Tech exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham, Beko Technologies gave a presentation in the seminar area entitled ‘Open end to atmosphere’. This presentation provided advice about the issues of having an air supply that does not perform any useful work or work that cannot be done more economically or safely by another medium.

Technical article: infrared curing to maximise the benefits of powder coating download

Heraeus NoblelightTue, 15 Apr 2014

As Heraeus Noblelight explains, the last two decades have seen a rapid expansion of the application of powder coating throughout a range of industries. Indeed, in North America, powder coating is seen as the fastest growing of all finishing technologies and today represents more than 10 per cent of all industrial finishing applications. Much of this growth can be accounted for by the need to comply with increasingly stringent environmental legislation and to reduce emissions of environmentally .

A Webtex dying and finishing machine incorporating infrared pre-drying

Technical article: infrared technology enables the rapid and cost-effective drying of textiles download

Heraeus NoblelightThu, 10 Apr 2014

Infrared heating is a well-established method of drying and finishing textiles. Typical applications include moisture evaporation, the drying of printed designs, thermofixing, coating and lamination, attaching motifs, curing coatings on fabrics and carpets, the heating of textiles before forming, the melting and curing of powder coatings, the activation of adhesives and relieving carpets before hot coating and flock coating. According to Ian Bartley of Heraeus Noblelight, the rapid ...

Autovision machine vision software

White paper: understanding machine vision verification of 1D and 2D barcodes download

MicroscanMon, 31 Mar 2014

Legible, accurate barcodes have never been more important than they are today, when automated supply chains depend on data accuracy to ensure the reliable performance of global operations. Machine vision verification is one tool that can be used to ensure that barcodes meet a consistent level of quality for readability in an automated process, and that bad codes are identified before they result in costly fail­ures. This white paper from Microscan introduces 1D and 2D barcode verification ...

Dermatitis prevention

Technical bulletin: health and safety — dermatitis prevention and control download

Master ChemicalFri, 28 Mar 2014

While it has been said that ‘a certain percentage of the population is sensitive and/or allergic to nearly anything’, an aggressive programme of health and safety testing in independent laboratories, extensive field testing and ongoing monitoring of customer complaints ensures the number of people who experience problems with TRIM metalworking fluids is very low. It is important we understand what we can do to protect workers from potential irritants.

Technical article: ultrasonic disintegration of cell structures download

Hielscher USAWed, 19 Mar 2014

According to Hielscher, ultrasonication is an effective means to break cell structures. This effect can be used for the extraction of intracellular materials, for example starch from the cell matrix. Ultrasonication generates alternating high-pressure and low-pressure waves in the exposed liquid. During the low-pressure cycle, the ultrasonic waves create small vacuum bubbles in the liquid that collapse violently during a high-pressure cycle. This phenomenon is termed cavitation. The ...

Compact infrared system

Application guide: infrared heat for food download

Heraeus NoblelightWed, 19 Mar 2014

Hams are browned and hamburgers are roasted so that they taste better. Chicken and other poultry meat is browned on the outside before being used in sandwiches. According to Heraeus, infrared heat finds particular application in modern meat preparation. Medium-wave carbon infrared emitters heat meat surfaces in a targeted fashion. Sandwich meat, hamburgers and hams are made to look even more appetising without additional fat.

Ultrasonic washer

Technical bulletin: heat loss and energy consumption in industrial washers download

Master ChemicalMon, 17 Mar 2014

While the use of heating in industrial process washing has many benefits, it is also costly, and this cost impact is becoming more signficant as energy prices skyrocket. Lowering wash temperatures from 71°C to 49°C in one 600-gallon immersion washer can reduce energy costs by $2,273.00 (£1,365) per year. This bulletin from Master Chemical calculates the potential savings from reducing washer temperature.