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Buildings, equipment and other resources used in engineering, manufacturing and processing. Includes equipment related to electrical supplies, air treatment, packaging and finishing, conveyors, storage and handling, weighing and measuring, and health and safety.


Data sheet: CRS series curved-face ceramic radiant heaters from Omega Engineering download

Omega EngineeringThu, 22 Jan 2015

Omega Engineering offers a range of curved-face ceramic radiant process heaters. This data sheet focuses on the CRS series.

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Slip prevention in the winter months

Technical article: Heskins discusses slip prevention in the winter months download

HeskinsTue, 9 Dec 2014

Both snow and ice create huge problems for safety. This article from Heskins discusses how to increase slip prevention in snow and ice. 

Anti-slip flooring

Technical article: preventing slips and falls in catering and hospitality download

HeskinsWed, 3 Dec 2014

Ensuring the walking surface is clean, dry and safe is one of the most vital safety checks to perform.

Tanker cleaning technology represents a potential solution to storm tank cleaning problems.

Technical article: look to the seas for effective storm tank cleaning download

BeteWed, 3 Dec 2014

The redeployment of tanker cleaning technology to solve the problems of cleaning storm tanks is entirely logical. The environments that the ship cleaners need to operate in are probably tougher than anything they will be exposed to in storm tanks. They can handle dirty, particle contaminated cleaning fluids easily; they are relatively cheap to install; and give by far the best cleaning of any method (with the possible exception of manned entry cleaning). In short, according to this ...