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Equipment that aids the control of industrial processes subject to continuous changes in position. Includes drives, motors, gears, chains and belts, bearings, actuators, brakes and clutches.


Product information sheet: Faulhaber BX4 Type 2250 servomotor from EMS download

EMSThu, 26 Mar 2015

The Type 2250 remains only 22mm in diameter but the increased length makes this a real power house peaking at 35W continuous operation.

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Bosch Rexroth logo - thumbnail

Technical article: active heave — how to accumulate more energy savings downloadweblink

Bosch RexrothThu, 26 Mar 2015

With oil becoming harder to exploit and prices increasing, operations are moving into deeper waters. Active-heave users need to move towards more energy-efficient solutions as subsea activity needs more power to deploy the equipment to reach these hidden depths. Steve Smith, marine and offshore sector manager at Bosch Rexroth, says by innovative system design and integrating accumulators into the active-heave compensation control process, end users could achieve energy savings of up ...

The working concept

White paper: mechanical structure for piezoelectric harvester application downloadweblink

Cedrat Technologies S.AMon, 9 Mar 2015

A mechanical structure based on serial stacking of level arm has been designed in order to amplify the ingoing force of the harvester system. The outgoing force is applied on the smart material. The deformation of the mechanical structure is based on flexural pivots using four truncated circular collars. The last amplification is based on the amplified piezoelectric actuator (APA) shell from Cedrat Technologies.

White paper: modular test bed for assessing performance of stick-slip actuators downloadweblink

Cedrat Technologies S.AWed, 25 Feb 2015

Stepping piezoelectric actuators based on the stick-slip effect inherently make use of a friction contact between stator and rotor. This contact defines the actuator’s performance but is prone to wear and tear. For broad use, the actuator has to be able to perform around one million strokes. To assess the actuator’s performance in terms of force, speed, mechanical output, electrical input and long-term stability under different load and environmental conditions, as well as different ...

APA500L with steel shell

White paper: manufacture and properties of first industrial APAs using carbon epoxy shells downloadweblink

Cedrat Technologies S.AMon, 23 Feb 2015

According to Cedrat Technologies, future aeronautics are more likely to use electric actuators than hydraulic actuators. Existing amplified piezo actuators (APAs) with steel shells are good candidates. Lighter carbon shells are being developed to further increase their efficiency. For helicopter rotor blade applications this evolution is almost unavoidable, but it is also very interesting for other domains.

Force oscillator design

White paper: high-power force oscillator and drive electronics downloadweblink

Cedrat Technologies S.AWed, 18 Feb 2015

This paper from Cedrat Technologies presents the development of the largest piezo actuator ever designed based on low-voltage PZT. This actuator is able to provide more than 20kN of force in dynamic operation (60kN in static operation). The purpose of low-frequency vibration generation is to improve the quality of parts production in the field of manufacturing and machining process.

View of different APAs (XS, S, SM, M, ML and L types)

White paper: amplified piezoelectric actuators — static and dynamic applications downloadweblink

Cedrat Technologies S.AThu, 12 Feb 2015

Amplified piezoelectric actuators offer the advantage of large deformation (up to eight per cent) and large strokes. Because of a prestress applied to the piezo ceramics and an efficient mechanical amplifier, they can produce large strokes both in static and dynamic conditions including resonance. For these reasons, these actuators can be used for micro-positioning, structure shaping, structure active damping and more.

CA45 linear amplifier

White paper: electrically tunable low-frequency miniature suspension downloadweblink

Cedrat Technologies S.AMon, 9 Feb 2015

Optical instruments such as interferometers and optical delay lines are sensitive to external vibrations and require a strong isolation of vibrations. These requirements have driven the development of a new type of electrically tunable low-frequency miniature suspension. The result is a miniature semi-active single-axis suspension called ETS offering a very low cut-off frequency.