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Equipment that aids the control of industrial processes subject to continuous changes in position. Includes drives, motors, gears, chains and belts, bearings, actuators, brakes and clutches.

Electromechanical device built around APA400M-MD

White paper: vibration energy harvesting in aircraft using piezoelectric actuators download

Cedrat Technologies S.AWed, 17 Dec 2014

The amplified piezoelectric actuator (APA) integrating a mechanical amplifier can be interesting where the efficiency of the standard actuators is poor. In this paper from Cedrat Technologies, the electrical harvesting characteristics of the APA in a proof mass configuration is studied.


Technical article: engine-mounted ‘BD’ clutch or freestanding ‘BDS’ clutch download

JBJ Techniques Tue, 16 Dec 2014

JBJ Techniques provides guidance on selecting the correct engine-mounted ‘BD’ clutch or freestanding ‘BDS’ clutch.

White paper: active damping of vibrations applied on ski structures download

Cedrat Technologies S.ATue, 9 Dec 2014

Since many years the field of active controls of vibration is growing up and a lot of new applications using smart actuators are developed. In the following study, these concepts are adapted and applied on a general structure of ski to damp the large modes of vibrations keeping the robustness of the control and the static loads during the ride.

GAIA sunshield deployment test at ESA

White paper: actuators for space applications — state of the art and new technologies download

Cedrat Technologies S.AFri, 5 Dec 2014

Actuators in space are broadly used to operate satellites’ platform and payload devices. Despite their common utilisation, actuators still represent critical subsystems as their failure might often lead to severe effects on the spacecraft operations. Environmental conditions to which actuators are exposed in space are generally not favourable: operating temperature ranges and deep vacuum are certainly the most critical ones.

TEFC motors used to generate test data

White paper: solving the more difficult aspects of electric motor thermal analysis downloadweblink

CedratFri, 5 Dec 2014

With the ever-increasing pressures on electric motor manufacturers to develop smaller and more efficient electric motors, there is a trend to carry out more thermal analysis in parallel with traditional electromagnetic design. It has been found that attention to the thermal design can be rewarded by major improvements in the overall performance. This paper from Cedrat reviews some of these difficult issues.

maxon logo - thumbnail

Technical article: death of the sales engineer — or 30 years of expense claims downloadweblink

maxon motorWed, 3 Dec 2014

The traditional method of selling used to involve lots of mileage and lots of service station coffee, but times have changed. Ian Bell, maxon motor’s senior sales engineer, has been in the business for three decades. Here he discusses how technical sales has experienced a dramatic shift.

Maxon logo

Technical article: making engineering cool download

maxon motorTue, 2 Dec 2014

Why don’t we hear kids saying that they want to be engineers instead of being footballers, for example? And what can we do to encourage this, asks William Mason, chief executive officer of maxon motor.


Technical article: selecting a brushed or brushless DC motor — decisions, decisions downloadweblink

maxon motorWed, 26 Nov 2014

Are brushless motors just a technology fad or can they be of real benefit to design engineers? Brushless DC motors are more popular than brushed motors at the moment but, according to this article from maxon motor, the fundamental question when choosing a motor is: ‘What does it need to do?’