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Equipment that aids the control of industrial processes subject to continuous changes in position. Includes drives, motors, gears, chains and belts, bearings, actuators, brakes and clutches.


E-Spool from Igus can guide multiple cables within confined spaces in a number of fields weblink

IgusTue, 22 Apr 2014

The E-Spool from Igus has been designed to guide multiple cables within confined spaces. The product is suitable for a number of fields of application, including process cranes, mobile crane trucks, sorting plants or stage applications. The E-Spool is an alternative to the classic cable drum, accommodating power, data, air and media together in one system.

LA27 actuator

Data sheet: LA27 single actuator for use with the TD3 from Linak download

LinakThu, 17 Apr 2014

The LA27 single actuator from Linak for the TD3 motor is intended for use in comfort beds where extra functions like neck rest and/or knee bend is requested.

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View of the BLDC parts

White paper: upgrade of miniature outrunner brushless DC motors download

Cedrat Technologies S.ATue, 22 Apr 2014

Miniature brushless DC motors (less than 5gr) offer some challenges both in design and manufacturing. They are used in several mass-volume applications, such as hard-disk drives and gyroscopes and more recently in some unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAVs), where Cedrat is involved. For this last application, the efficiency is of upmost importance. Cedrat has used its Flux software to optimise the brushless motor design.

Engineering reference guide: section 12 — electrostatic discharge protection download

AerotechTue, 22 Apr 2014

Aerotech’s engineering reference guide serves as a valuable resource for all Aerotech motion and positioning control components and systems. Section 12 focuses on electrostatic discharge protection.

Basic elements of a single-axis laser interferometer system

Engineering reference guide: section nine — laser interferometer implementation download

AerotechMon, 14 Apr 2014

Aerotech’s engineering reference guide serves as a valuable resource for all Aerotech motion and positioning control components and systems. Section nine focuses on laser interferometer implementation. Laser interferometers represent the ultimate feedback device for high-precision motion control application. The combination of high resolution and outstanding accuracy has made it the ideal transducer for wafer steppers, flat panel inspection, and high-accuracy laser micromachining.

Twin tube structure and actuator

White paper: Cedrat Technologies discusses self-locking MRF latches and dampers download

Cedrat Technologies S.AMon, 14 Apr 2014

MRF actuators are new electromechanical components using magneto rheological fluids (MRF). When submitted to a high enough magnetic field, MRF switch from a liquid to a near-solid body. New MRF actuators were developed in order to reach three aims: to offer a blocking force at rest, which can be strongly reduced by applying a current, to provide an electrically controllable resistive force over a stroke of 30mm, to perform the control of the force in a very short time.

Scale 2 motor

White paper: micromotor based on film-permanent magnets download

Cedrat Technologies S.AFri, 4 Apr 2014

In this white paper from Cedrat Technologies, a design of a single-phase step micro motor is presented. The rotor has been optimised to induce the greatest magnetic energy using film permanent magnets. A special study has been performed to select the most advantageous magnetisation direction and the structure has been chosen taking into account micro technologies characteristics and the present know-how available for realisation of prototypes. A scale-two prototype has already been ...

Maximum data rate chart

Engineering reference guide: section eight — computing maximum data rate download

AerotechMon, 31 Mar 2014

Aerotech’s engineering reference guide serves as a valuable resource for all Aerotech motion and positioning control components and systems. Section eight focuses on computing maximum data rate.

APA500L with steel shell

White paper: manufacture and properties of APAs actuators using carbon epoxy shells download

Cedrat Technologies S.AFri, 28 Mar 2014

Future aeronautics will more often use electrical actuators in place of hydraulic actuators. Existing amplified piezo actuators (APA) with steel shell, which deliver among the highest mass energy densities, are good candidates. Lighter carbon shells are being developed to further increase their efficiency. For helicopter rotor-blade applications this evolution is almost unavoidable, but it is also very interesting for other domains. High-modulus and high-tensile-strength carbon-fibre ...

Rotary motor configuration with internal ultrasonic piezo drive unit

White paper: the ultrasonic piezo drive for high-accuracy positioning download

Cedrat Technologies S.AMon, 24 Mar 2014

This white paper from Cedrat Technologies introduces a new concept of a versatile piezo motor driven at ultrasonic frequency, and it elaborates on a number of space-related issues such as the compatibility with the relevant mechanical and thermal environment. Furthermore, the possible implementation in different space mechanisms is discussed, with specific focus on miniaturised equipment as needed for small satellites.