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Instruments and devices used by engineers to determine the scope, quantity or extent of a particular item; to assess that it meets certain criteria; or investigate whether it is in proper working order. Includes environmental testing, vision, sound and vibration testing, position and proximity testing, force strain and speed testing, electrical testing, non-destructive testing and metrology systems.

Scorpion Vision Software CD

Product brochure: laser length measurement system from Scorpion Vision download

Scorpion VisionMon, 20 Oct 2014

The Scorpion laser length measurement system consists of a junction box with a camera and a laser.

WTS series

Product brochure: WTS series water quality test strips from Omega download

Omega EngineeringMon, 20 Oct 2014

Omega’s WTS series of water quality test strips offers users a comprehensive testing system that provides accurate results in less than one minute.

Draw-wire displacement sensors

Product brochure: wireSENSOR MP/MPW analogue draw-wire displacement sensors download

Micro-EpsilonMon, 20 Oct 2014

This brochure presents Micro-Epsilon’s wireSENSOR MP/MPW analogue range of draw-wire displacement sensors.

Roadstone plants

Product brochure: accurate temperature measurement in the roadstone industry download

Land InstrumentsFri, 17 Oct 2014

This brochure explains how the RT8A non-contact infrared thermometer from Land Instruments is suitable for accurate temperature measurement in the roadstone industry.

Tomlinson’s Dairies

Case study: dairy uses Endress+Hauser's OUSAF11 sensor to reduce product loss download

Endress+HauserFri, 17 Oct 2014

Tomlinson’s Dairies has started using Endress+Hauser’s OUSAF11 sensor, which uses light absorbance to detect product in the water.

Data sheet: MO9608 speed monitor module from Sensonics download

SensonicsThu, 16 Oct 2014

The MO9608 speed monitor module from Sensonics is designed to accept inputs from eddy-current probes and certain types of magnetic inductance transducers.

DCM330 fork multimeter

Data sheet: Megger DCM330 fork multimeter download

MeggerThu, 16 Oct 2014

The Megger DCM330 fork multimeter is a convenient, compact instrument designed to measure AC current up to 200A, and perform the basic functions of a basic multimeter.

LCMHD tension and compression loadcells

Data sheet: LCMHD tension and compression loadcells from Omega Engineering download

Omega EngineeringThu, 16 Oct 2014

The LCMHD tension and compression loadcells from Omega Engineering offer 0.25 per cent interchangeability for scale applications.

Adapter for flow assembly and flange mounting

Data sheet: CUA 120/FlowFit adapter for flow assembly from Endress+Hauser download

Endress+HauserThu, 16 Oct 2014

The CUA 120/FlowFit W CUA 250 series from Endress+Hauser is an adapter for flow assembly and flange mounting, optionally available with a spray function.

3D robot inspection

Product information sheet: 3D robot inspection — inline measurement download

Scorpion VisionWed, 15 Oct 2014

Scorpion Vision Software has been used in robot vision and inspection system for many years.

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GE Measurement and Control Logo

Cover image

Technical guide: on-site calibration — doing more with less downloadweblink

GE Measurement & ControlTue, 14 Oct 2014

Day-to-day activities, such as carrying out maintenance or emergency repairs, commissioning new equipment or conducting on-site checks, need to be simplified because of the reduction in personnel and increase in workload. As this guide from GE Measurement & Control explains, use of the most advanced on-site instrumentation is imperative in order to maintain and calibrate today’s intelligent, high-precision equipment; this aspect applies to all process applications.

Vibrating, probe-type viscometer

Technical article: continuous inline measurement of A-R binder viscosity download

Fullbrook SystemsTue, 14 Oct 2014

Continuous, in-line measurement of asphalt-rubber (A-R) viscosity provides a new window into the A-R process. This measurement can assure the binder is not under- or over-reacted, that dosing is precise, and that the processing system is performing to specification. In automatic blending control systems, viscosity measurement can be used as the process variable around which temperature, heating time, mixing time and the addition of additives can be controlled. This technical article ...

Turbiscan Classic

Application note: effect of raw materials on a formulation download

Fullbrook SystemsWed, 8 Oct 2014

Cosmetic preparations can be complex dispersions with different kinds of particles in suspension in an aqueous or an emulsion phase. For make-up and sunscreens, the colour, brightness, gloss and physicochemical properties of the suspended particles determine the final quality and stability of the product. This study shows a comparison of the stability of sunscreens, with different pigment types.

Report cover

Research report: the state of research management and capacity planning downloadweblink

PlanviewWed, 8 Oct 2014

Overcommitting and under-utilising resources has a domino effect of business impact on project timelines, business opportunities, customer satisfaction, innovation speed, cost containment and resource efficiency. For years, organisations have pointed to the dilemma of overcommitting their resources as their top pain point. This dilemma is often characterised as an insatiable demand for new projects to grow the business, while sustaining the current state of business.


Application note: effect of an antibiotic on the stability of injectable emulsions download

Fullbrook SystemsFri, 3 Oct 2014

The injectable lipid emulsions are dispersions made of purified natural oil (soya, sesame, olive, cod-liver oil and so on) in water. The emulsification is made with natural emulsifiers (for example egg or soya lecithins) or/and synthetic emulsifiers (for example glycerol monostearate). These emulsions are used for therapeutic nutrition in order to transport medicines or liposoluble drugs, instead of inorganic solvents.

DV-II+ programmable viscometer measures at the lowest shear rates

Technical article: real-time monitoring of the rheological properties of fracturing fluids download

Fullbrook SystemsWed, 1 Oct 2014

Brookfield Engineering’s Charles Wesley recently presented ‘The Development and Real-Time Monitoring of the Rheological Properties of Frac Fluids Using Laboratory and In-Line Instruments’ at Oceantex. As part of the laboratory development of the fluid, its rheology must be measured, evaluated and understood over the majority of shear rates likely to be experienced at the well site so an understanding of the fluid’s behaviour is known before it is pumped through the system.

Application note: application of fibre-optic photometry in continuous process control downloadweblink

Fullbrook SystemsThu, 25 Sep 2014

This article from Fullbrook Systems describes how photometry and the use of fibre-optic technology can be applied to the scale-up and continuous flow technology in the specialist fine chemicals industry. This discussion focuses on mature and commercially available technologies that can be applied across a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

Three-dimensional CIE diagram

Application note: TAOS colorimetry tutorial — the science of colour download

PacerThu, 25 Sep 2014

The purpose of this paper from Pacer is to give a brief overview of colorimetry. Colorimetry is the science of measuring colour and colour appearance. The main focus of colorimetry has been the development of methods for predicting perceptual matches on the basis of physical measurements. This topic is much too broad to be covered by one document, so a general coverage of the subject will be introduced.