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Instruments and devices used by engineers to determine the scope, quantity or extent of a particular item; to assess that it meets certain criteria; or investigate whether it is in proper working order. Includes environmental testing, vision, sound and vibration testing, position and proximity testing, force strain and speed testing, electrical testing, non-destructive testing and metrology systems.

Optical gas imaging

Application report: environmental protection with a FLIR optical gas imaging camera downloadweblink

Flir SystemsThu, 18 Dec 2014

The Dutch Environmental Protection Agency is using a FLIR Systems GF320 optical gas imaging camera to uphold regulations regarding fugitive gas emissions.

Jet fuels

Application flash: measuring viscosity for safe landings downloadweblink

Anton PaarThu, 18 Dec 2014

This application flash from Anton Paar discusses how to measure the viscosity of jet fuel and the advantages of doing so.

Premium yoghurt

Case study: quality control with LRS 36 light section sensors at the Gropper dairy downloadweblink

Leuze ElectronicThu, 18 Dec 2014

The Gropper dairy in Kesseltal is using LRS 36 light section sensors from Leuze Electronic in the full-crate check at the end of the cup production line.

CTS1 temperature sensor

Technical information sheet: CTS1 series temperature sensor from Endress+Hauser download

Endress+HauserWed, 17 Dec 2014

The CTS1 temperature sensor from Endress+Hauser is suitable for automatic temperature compensation in pH measurement, for example.

Renishaw CMM fixtures brochure

Product brochure: Renishaw CMM fixtures download

RenishawMon, 15 Dec 2014

Renishaw CMM fixtures improve the throughput, reproducibility and accuracy of your inspection process by providing quick fixturing setups for your components.

Scorpion Color Identification System

Product brochure: Scorpion Color Identification System download

Scorpion VisionMon, 15 Dec 2014

The Scorpion Color Identification system picks the best colour match from a set of reference images and calculates the colour coverage of the inspected item.


Data sheet: DN2601 dual-channel vibration monitor from Sensonics download

SensonicsMon, 15 Dec 2014

The DN2601 dual-channel vibration monitor is designed to protect many types of rotating machinery from breakdown, including turbines, motors, pumps and fans.


Application note: infrared thermography helps to improve the comfort of athletes worldwide downloadweblink

Flir SystemsMon, 15 Dec 2014

Adidas is constantly seeking new materials and designs to satisfy the most demanding athletes. A FLIR infrared camera is helping the company to achieve this goal.

Air Handling Equipment

Case study: Air Handling Equipment relies on Vaisala dew-point instruments download

VaisalaWed, 10 Dec 2014

Using Vaisala dew-point instruments, Air Handling Equipment technicians are able to provide predictive maintenance to their customers by conducting routine reliability audits and by tracking the dew-point results.

Leak-tightness testing of connecting lines under extreme pressure conditions

Case study: Europe's first hydrogen laboratory — KIWA is test centre for the fuel of the future download

Teslatest SystemsWed, 10 Dec 2014

KIWA has selected Series MK climate chambers from BINDER to carry out experiments in its hydrogen laboratory.

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Electromechanical device built around APA400M-MD

White paper: vibration energy harvesting in aircraft using piezoelectric actuators download

Cedrat Technologies S.AWed, 17 Dec 2014

The amplified piezoelectric actuator (APA) integrating a mechanical amplifier can be interesting where the efficiency of the standard actuators is poor. In this paper from Cedrat Technologies, the electrical harvesting characteristics of the APA in a proof mass configuration is studied.


Technical article: Mike Might Know — inclinometer sine output errors download

Sherborne SensorsMon, 15 Dec 2014

Gravity-referenced inertial inclinometers are in effect low-frequency response accelerometers and derive their angular information from the acceleration due to gravity, the output being proportional to the normal component of the gravity vector. It is perhaps surprising that some users do not appreciate that the inclinometer output is proportional to the sine of the angle and not the absolute angle in degrees.


Technical article: 10 reasons why solar PV installations should be tested regularly download

Seaward GroupWed, 10 Dec 2014

Jim Wallace of Seaward Solar looks at the reasons why electrical testing and inspection of solar PV installations is a fundamental requirement for system safety and performance. 


Technical article: new generation of moisture analysers for process organic liquids download

GE Measurement & ControlFri, 5 Dec 2014

Monitoring water concentration is essential in maximising the efficiency of many process operations. Choosing the most appropriate technology and partner in making this measurement ensures reliability and instils confidence in the measurement. In this article, Narge J Sparages from GE Measurement & Control discusses the role of water, analytical methods and more.

TEFC motors used to generate test data

White paper: solving the more difficult aspects of electric motor thermal analysis downloadweblink

CedratFri, 5 Dec 2014

With the ever-increasing pressures on electric motor manufacturers to develop smaller and more efficient electric motors, there is a trend to carry out more thermal analysis in parallel with traditional electromagnetic design. It has been found that attention to the thermal design can be rewarded by major improvements in the overall performance. This paper from Cedrat reviews some of these difficult issues.

Calibration technicians

Technical article: thoughtful design helps calibration techs do more with less download

GE Measurement & ControlWed, 3 Dec 2014

Whether it’s process control, predictive maintenance, or commissioning, instrumentation specialists provide critical visibility into the causes and effects of industrial parameters so that infrastructures can be tuned to perform at optimal levels…assuming the right tools are on hand to do this important work. According to this article from GE Measurement & Control, the art and science of developing new tools for instrumentation technicians requires understanding (i.e. observing ...

Thermal imaging

Tech byte: does an infrared camera work with your infrared windows? download

IRISSWed, 3 Dec 2014

Someone comes in to your facility with an infrared (IR) camera to make measurements through an IR window. How do you know their camera will work with your IR window?

Infrared windows

White paper: the importance of transmissivity and infrared windows download

IRISSMon, 1 Dec 2014

Infrared (IR) windows save lives. Most thermographers today are thankful to perform their scans without the danger and time of removing heavy panels. But just as the thermal imager is a tool, so is the IR window. And as with any tool, it must be used correctly to get the desired results. According to this white paper from IRISS, standardisation is the key to getting repeatable results and accurate measurements. Many applications that benefit from infrared analysis do not require exact ...