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Instruments and devices used by engineers to determine the scope, quantity or extent of a particular item; to assess that it meets certain criteria; or investigate whether it is in proper working order. Includes environmental testing, vision, sound and vibration testing, position and proximity testing, force strain and speed testing, electrical testing, non-destructive testing and metrology systems.

Measuring temperature of optical-fibre drawing tower furnace

Information sheet: measuring temperature of optical-fibre drawing tower furnace download

Land InstrumentsThu, 23 Apr 2015

This data sheet presents the features and specifications of the DTT drawing tower thermometer from Land Instruments.

Data sheet: PZS3 series accelerometer from Sensonics download

SensonicsThu, 23 Apr 2015

The PZS3 accelerometer satisfies the requirements for a low-cost vibration transducer for use in multi-point harsh environment industrial vibration monitoring applications.

Magazine: FLIR eNews — spring 2015 downloadweblink

Flir SystemsThu, 23 Apr 2015

FLIR eNews is a new quarterly thermal-imaging newsletter focusing on the latest technological innovations, applications advances, news and special offers from FLIR Systems.

InVia microscope

Application note: analyse silicon carbide with the inVia Raman microscope downloadweblink

RenishawWed, 22 Apr 2015

Renishaw’s Raman systems are said to be ideal for measuring the properties of silicon carbide.

Whole unit assembly

Case study: soldered flexi-circuits tensile test downloadweblink

MecmesinWed, 22 Apr 2015

Mecmesin has supplied a customer with a specially designed system capable of repeatedly testing soldered circuits to establish their retention force.

Influence of rotational mode on rheometry of low-viscosity fluids

Application report: influence of rotational mode on rheometry of low-viscosity fluids downloadweblink

Anton PaarWed, 22 Apr 2015

This application report from Anton Paar compares the formations of secondary flow depending on the rotational mode of the geometry used.

Product brochure: PZS2 series accelerometer from Sensonics download

SensonicsTue, 14 Apr 2015

The PZS2 accelerometer is Sensonics standard low-cost accelerometer with integral cable for the conditioning monitoring of rotating equipment in industry.

Model 9100

Data sheet: Model 9100 carbon monoxide monitor from Land Instruments download

Land InstrumentsThu, 9 Apr 2015

The Model 9100 carbon monoxide monitor from Land Instruments is claimed to break new ground in accuracy, performance and ease of use.

Miniature optical encoders

Product information sheet: Faulhaber miniature optical encoders downloadweblink

EMSThu, 9 Apr 2015

Faulhaber has expanded its encoder product line with the addition of the PA2-50 and the PA2-100, which are available from EMS.

Car door closing energy tester

Case study: Mecmesin develops car door closing energy tester downloadweblink

MecmesinThu, 9 Apr 2015

As the test was to take place inside a car, Mecmesin developed a system using an advanced indicator (AFTI type), which could be connected to a sensor, such as the S-Beam 500N.

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Material emissivity

Tech Byte: know your emissivity downloadweblink

IRISSWed, 22 Apr 2015

The material emissivity is the relative power of the material’s surface to emit heat by radiation. Materials are assigned an emissivity value between zero and 1.0. Emissivity is a measure of a material’s ability to emit infrared energy. As IRISS explains here, the emissivity of a surface is the ratio of the energy radiated from it to that from a blackbody at the same temperature, the same wavelength and under the same viewing conditions.

Dispersion of graphene nanoplatelets in deionised water

Technical poster: characterisation of functionalised carbon nanomaterials downloadweblink

Haydale LtdWed, 22 Apr 2015

A new technical poster from Haydale describes a cost-effective and repeatable method for the characterisation of functionalised carbon nanomaterials.

MEMS sensor

Technical article: Sherborne Might Know — how do you manufacture MEMS sensors? downloadweblink

Sherborne SensorsWed, 15 Apr 2015

Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) have come into wide-scale use in the last few years, and the trend does not appear to be slowing down. In industries such as automotive and consumer electronics manufacturing, there is a growing use of accelerometers and gyroscopes being seen. This article from Sherborne discusses the manufacture of MEMS sensors.


Technical article: gauge linearity and bias — wake up and smell your measuring system download

MinitabFri, 10 Apr 2015

There are a host of possible explanations that might help explain seemingly contradictory study results, according to Minitab. Perhaps the studies utilised different designs, different statistical methodologies, different survey techniques, different confounding variables, different clinical endpoints or different populations. Or perhaps there’s something even more fundamental at play. The proverbial elephant in the room of any statistical analysis. The essential, pivotal question upon ...


White paper: transmission values — what to look for… in order to look through download

IRISSFri, 10 Apr 2015

The purpose of this paper from IRISS is to educate on the subject of transmission values for infrared windows — does a high value equal more accuracy? Or is knowing the percentage of transmission more important? The paper also discusses transmission values for infrared windows: how does a ‘grill’ affect transmission? Will it make quantitative thermography null and void?

IRISS windows

Tech Byte: how to choose the right type of IR window for your application downloadweblink

IRISSThu, 9 Apr 2015

The materials available for infrared (IR) window optics are diverse and have a variety of transmission rates and mechanical strengths. It is advisable that when considering the use of IR windows, you seek advice from IR window manufacturers and IR lens material suppliers before deciding the materials and window styles best suited to your application.

Electrical distribution system

White paper: energised thermography of electrical distribution systems downloadweblink

IRISSWed, 1 Apr 2015

Electrical accidents happen daily; however, there are steps that companies and individuals can take to reduce the occurrence of these accidents and protect everybody concerned from the consequences. The National Fire Protection Association provides, in its regulation 70E, a reference for facilities to meet the requirements of electrical workplace safety and its regulation 70B outlines the best practices for setting up and maintaining an electrical preventative maintenance programme. 

Reinforced grill

Tech Byte: will the reinforced grill affect measurement? downloadweblink

IRISSThu, 26 Mar 2015

You are correct when you state that the grill will affect your measurements. In fact, all infrared (IR) window lenses affect the transmission rate of the target temperature. Regardless of the type of IR window you are using, you need to test and adjust your IR camera for the transmissivity of the lens material you are using. This value can vary by camera even if it is the same make and model of camera. This is due to differences of the detectors in the IR cameras.