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Instruments and devices used by engineers to determine the scope, quantity or extent of a particular item; to assess that it meets certain criteria; or investigate whether it is in proper working order. Includes environmental testing, vision, sound and vibration testing, position and proximity testing, force strain and speed testing, electrical testing, non-destructive testing and metrology systems.

Insulation resistance tester

Data sheet: MIT515, MIT525 and MIT1025 insulation resistance testers from Megger download

MeggerTue, 19 May 2015

The MIT515, MIT525 and MIT1025 insulation resistance testers are smaller and lighter than previous models yet offer advanced features and rapid charge capability.

Data sheet: SWB switch box enclosure series from Sensonics download

SensonicsTue, 19 May 2015

The SWB ranges of switch boxes from Sensonics are designed for on-site monitoring or data collection of up to 60 channels of vibration or temperature.

E3000 linear-torsion test instrument with a sample under test

Case study: Instron equips ElectroPuls torsion tester with Renishaw encoders downloadweblink

RenishawTue, 19 May 2015

Renishaw’s RESOLUTE optical encoder has been chosen to support Instron’s ElectroPuls controllers.

Seat-belt locking device

Case study: seat-belt locking device test downloadweblink

MecmesinTue, 19 May 2015

The 1000N microprocessor force gauge from Mecmesin was connected to a motor drive assembly, which served to pre-tension the seat belt to a specified limit.


Data sheet: HHLM112SD handheld light meter from Omega Engineering download

Omega EngineeringThu, 7 May 2015

The HHLM112SD handheld light meter from Omega Engineering has a large backlit display for easy viewing of light levels.

Filter Test Station

Case study: filter test station from Mecmesin download

MecmesinThu, 7 May 2015

As this case study from Mecmesin explains, a number of tests were required in a simple-to-use system for a series of tests on automotive filters.

Data sheet: SENTURION eddy-current probes from Sensonics download

SensonicsWed, 6 May 2015

Sensonics’ SENTURION eddy-current probes are designed to be robust and reliable and are suitable for a range of industrial applications.

Styli and accessories

Product guide: specifications of Renishaw's range of styli and accessories download

RenishawWed, 6 May 2015

This guide presents the key specifications of Renishaw’s range of styli and accessories.


Case study: easier pH sensor calibration saves time and effort download

Endress+HauserWed, 6 May 2015

Harvest Biofuels began using Memobase Plus in 2013 and immediately began to see results.

Case study: airbag connector pull test

Case study: Mecmesin's airbag connector pull test download

MecmesinWed, 6 May 2015

This case study explains how Mecmesin solved the company’s requirement by supplying an UltraTest motorised test stand and a 200N PFI digital force gauge.

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Thermal imager

Tech Byte: know your spatial resolution downloadweblink

IRISSTue, 19 May 2015

Spatial resolution is also known as the instantaneous field of view (IFOV) or spot size. The limitations of the spatial resolution are due to the size and expense of the focal plane array (FPA). The FPA of many moderately priced cameras will have an array of 320 x 240 or 160 x 120 detectors. As IRISS explains here, this may make it difficult to determine the temperature of small targets at a long distance.

Typical setup for measuring the yaw error in the linear motion of the X axis of a moving table machine

White paper: interferometric angle measurement and hardware options download

RenishawThu, 7 May 2015

This paper from Renishaw describes the operational principles behind Renishaw’s interferometric angular optics and how they can be used to measure pitch or yaw errors in a linear axis, the angular accuracy of a rotary axis or surface flatness. It examines the various error sources that can affect the accuracy of measurement and the angular optics hardware options available from Renishaw, and how they have been optimised to address these error sources.

'Infrared window material choices'

Tech Byte: infrared window material choices download

IRISSWed, 6 May 2015

Manufacturers have used infrared (IR) windows in motor control centres (MCCs) and electric switchgear for more than two decades. This Tech Byte from IRISS presents some of the IR lens materials that are used.

The use of a laser and angular interferometer to measure small angles of rotation of a rotary axis

White paper: interferometric calibration of rotary axes downloadweblink

RenishawFri, 1 May 2015

This paper describes the operational principles behind Renishaw’s XR20-W rotary-axis calibration system and how it can be used ‘on axis’ to calibrate axes of rotation. It examines the various error sources that affect the accuracy of measurement and describes how the system has been designed, and should be used, in order to minimise such errors. It concludes with a section describing how the XR20-W system can be used ‘off axis’ to calibrate fourth and fifth axes on CNC machines.

pane crystal

Tech Byte: how to calculate the safe minimum thickness of a viewing pane crystal? download

IRISSFri, 1 May 2015

Fragility increases proportionally to the ratio of the diameter to thickness. If thickness stays the same as the diameter increases, so does the fragility factor. This Tech Byte from IRISS explains how to calculate the minimum thickness of a window required to withstand a pressure difference.

Radiometric readings

Technical article: IRISS asks – how accurate are your radiometric readings? download

IRISSFri, 1 May 2015

According to IRISS, it is vital that you understand emissivity and how to set-up your thermal imaging camera. In this technical article, the company offers a simple way to check the transmission rate of any infrared window, which it calls ‘the coffee cup test’

IR viewing pane

Tech Byte: can infrared viewing panes carry an arc rating? downloadweblink

IRISSMon, 27 Apr 2015

The answer is no. As IRISS explains in this Tech Byte, no infrared (IR) viewing pane or individual component can ever be arc rated or protect you from an arc flash explosion. Arc flash explosions have the potential to produce a shock blast of up to 700 miles per hour with a core temperature of up to 15,000°C. Currently, there are no infrared viewing pane lens materials that can resist these extreme levels of temperature or force.

Material emissivity

Tech Byte: know your emissivity downloadweblink

IRISSWed, 22 Apr 2015

The material emissivity is the relative power of the material’s surface to emit heat by radiation. Materials are assigned an emissivity value between zero and 1.0. Emissivity is a measure of a material’s ability to emit infrared energy. As IRISS explains here, the emissivity of a surface is the ratio of the energy radiated from it to that from a blackbody at the same temperature, the same wavelength and under the same viewing conditions.