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Instruments and devices used by engineers to determine the scope, quantity or extent of a particular item; to assess that it meets certain criteria; or investigate whether it is in proper working order. Includes environmental testing, vision, sound and vibration testing, position and proximity testing, force strain and speed testing, electrical testing, non-destructive testing and metrology systems.

Advanced force gauge

Case study: needle pull-out test downloadweblink

MecmesinTue, 4 Aug 2015

The system was constructed using a manual test stand and an advanced force gauge from Mecmesin.


Data sheet: OM-EL-ENVIROPAD-TC data logger from Omega Engineering download

Omega EngineeringTue, 4 Aug 2015

This robust, easy-to-use handheld device is designed to take and record temperature readings via the attached thermocouple probe.


Data sheet: DN2611 dual vibration protection monitor from Sensonics download

SensonicsTue, 4 Aug 2015

The DN2611 from Sensonics is a high-performance signal conditioning unit designed for protecting many types of rotating machinery from breakdown.


Data sheet: UNO temperature measurement systems from Land Instruments download

Land InstrumentsWed, 29 Jul 2015

The UNO range of high-precision, standalone, non-contact temperature measurement systems from Land Instruments benefits from a rugged and versatile design

MO8615 module

Data sheet: MO8615 dual-channel air-gap module from Sensonics download

SensonicsTue, 28 Jul 2015

The MO8615 dual-channel air-gap module is a signal conditioning unit designed for monitoring the linearised gap signal from two capacitive or inductive probes in conjunction with a phase reference signal.


Data sheet: OM-CP-RFRTDTEMP2000A temperature data logger from Omega download

Omega EngineeringTue, 28 Jul 2015

The OM-CP-RFRTDTEMP2000A from Omega Engineering is an RTD-based, wireless precision temperature data logger with display.


Data sheet: PA9Plus portable power quality analyser from Megger download

MeggerTue, 28 Jul 2015

The Megger PA9Plus portable power quality analyser incorporates enhanced key features including a faster digital signal processor.


Case study: medical suture device calibration system downloadweblink

MecmesinMon, 27 Jul 2015

The VersaTest motorised stand from Mecmesin has been adapted for horizontal operation by using a simple feet kit.

Supercalendar roll

Product brochure: supercalender roll hotspot detection from Land Instruments download

Land InstrumentsMon, 27 Jul 2015

The HotSpotIR high-speed scanning system from Land Instruments is used to detect emerging hotspots.

NRH271 / NRH272

Data sheet: NRH271 and NRH272 rotary position sensors from Curtiss-Wright download

Curtiss-Wright Industrial GroupMon, 27 Jul 2015

This data sheet presents the NRH271 and NRH272 no-contact rotary position sensors from Curtiss-Wright.

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Transmission stability

White paper: the effects of transmissivity on data accuracy downloadweblink

IRISSMon, 27 Jul 2015

As the saying goes, ‘garbage in, garbage out’. This truism is every bit as applicable in thermography as it is in computer data mining. The difference is that the inaccurate data that leads a thermographer to a false-negative conclusion could result in a multimillion-dollar catastrophic failure of a company’s electrical distribution system. In fact, the implications to personnel safety, plant assets and production downtime make the results of transmissivity errors more like toxic waste ...

Electrical inspections

White paper: understanding NFPA 70 and its implications in electrical inspections downloadweblink

IRISSThu, 23 Jul 2015

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) was established in 1896 and has become the world’s leading advocate of fire prevention. The influence of its 300 codes and standards are evident in buildings, products and practices throughout the world. NFPA codes are adopted through a broad consensus of experts, and have resulted in some of the world’s most referenced and respected codes. This white paper from IRISS explores NFPA 70, also known as the National Electric Code (NEC), which ...

Oil analysis

Technical article: top 10 tips — oil analysis downloadweblink

Bosch RexrothWed, 22 Jul 2015

With between 70 and 80 per cent of all hydraulic failures caused by contaminated oil, effective analysis is vital to ensuring the healthy functioning of machinery. Bosch Rexroth outlines its top 10 tips for maintaining oil quality.

VP-75 series

White paper: safer by design — the history of IRISS infrared windows downloadweblink

IRISSTue, 21 Jul 2015

In this white paper, Martin Robinson, a Level III thermographer and chief executive officer (CEO) of IRISS, discusses the history of infrared windows. He said: ‘As CEO and founder of IRISS, I am often asked how and why I designed our product line the way I did. As is common with such product development processes, there was no single epiphany that unveiled today’s design to me. Instead, I arrived at our best-in-class design through an evolution of enhancements, each improving on the ...

Thermal imager

White paper: reducing arc flash risks with electrical maintenance safety devices downloadweblink

IRISSWed, 15 Jul 2015

Electrical accidents, such as arc flashes, happen daily; however, there are ways companies and individuals can reduce the occurrence of these accidents and protect everybody concerned from the consequences. The NFPA regulation 70E provides a reference for facilities to meet the requirements of electrical workplace safety, while regulation 70B outlines the best practices for setting up and maintaining an electrical preventive maintenance programme. 

White paper: environmental compensation of linear laser interferometer readings downloadweblink

RenishawTue, 14 Jul 2015

Laser interferometers are often assumed to automatically provide the ultimate in measurement accuracy. However, in reality, the situation is more complex. When measuring linear displacements in air with a laser, the performance of the environmental compensation system is particularly important. The laser and interferometric measurement optics provide very high levels of linear resolution and precision, but it is the environmental compensation unit (weather station) that is primarily ...

Arc flash

Technical article: don't allow unsuitable infrared windows to de-rate electrical assets downloadweblink

IRISSMon, 13 Jul 2015

What’s the point in installing crystal infrared windows to allow live thermal-imaging inspection when the nature of the product will simply de-rate critical electrical switchgear in which they are fitted? This type of window is often chosen because the specifier believes it to be the only product suitable for visual as well infrared inspection. But in common with all visual viewing panes, crystal windows also need to meet stringent safety and performance standards for industrial use.

Concept for continuous PD monitoring

Technical article: recognise weaknesses in time — PD monitoring of rotating machines downloadweblink

OMICRON electronicsWed, 8 Jul 2015

The insulation of rotating machines has to withstand thermal, electrical, ambient and mechanical (TEAM) stresses during its service lifetime. According to OMICRON electronics, partial discharge (PD) measurements applied to coils and complete stator windings detect manufacturing defects and also insulation degradation caused by ageing processes. To detect insulation degradation at an early stage and to prevent severe failures in service, detailed information on the actual insulation ...