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Materials and chemicals used across the manufacturing and process industries. Includes raw materials, gases, liquids, lubricants, packaging materials and cleaning agents.

Iglidur N54 plain bio-bearing

Igus offers 'green' bio-bearing for use in industrial and consumer goods applications weblink

IgusMon, 8 Sep 2014

The Iglidur N54 plain bearing from Igus is based on 54 per cent sustainable and natural raw materials. The basic polymer is mainly made of castor oil rather than finite crude oil. This biopolymer is suitable for universal use in the low-load range, as well as in industrial and consumer goods applications

Cylinder block made of aluminium coated with Nikasil

Application note: measuring Nikasil coatings on aluminium automotive cylinders downloadweblink

Fischer InstrumentationMon, 1 Sep 2014

A way of protecting aluminium cylinders is to plate the contact surfaces with Nikasil. After plating, the coating thickness is controlled using the Fischerscope MMS PC2.

Brochure cover

Product brochure: P-80 temporary assembly lubricants from International Products download

International ProductsWed, 20 Aug 2014

International Products’ P-80 temporary assembly lubricants are safe to use on most natural and synthetic elastomers, metals, plastics and other materials.

Aqueous cleaners

Product brochure: aqueous cleaners from International Products download

International ProductsWed, 6 Aug 2014

International Products’ free-rinsing detergents provide the critical cleaning necessary to meet the most rigorous specifications for surface cleanliness. 

Leaflet: engineering polymer solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry

Product leaflet: engineering polymer solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry download

NylacastFri, 1 Aug 2014

Nylacast polymers offer many advantages in offshore and subsea applications thanks to features including excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.

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White paper image

White paper: materials, properties and testing of sealing profiles download

EMKAWed, 27 Aug 2014

In this paper, EMKA provides detailed information regarding the various materials used in the design and specification of a sealing profile, their properties and the various national and international testing methods and standards relevant to sealing profiles — a tabular format is used where appropriate. This covers comparative features of common rubber/synthetic rubber materials; comparative vulcanisate properties of NR and other SRs; fluid immersion national and international test ...