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Materials and chemicals used across the manufacturing and process industries. Includes raw materials, gases, liquids, lubricants, packaging materials and cleaning agents.

New Hi Vis maskant from Intertronics speeds finishing process

Improve temporary masking prior to aggressive finishing processes weblink

IntertronicsFri, 27 Nov 2015

The new DYMAX Speedmask 731 from Intertronics speeds up and improves temporary masking prior to aggressive finishing processes in manufacturing, especially on darker colour substrates. Its unique bright yellow colour enables quick and accurate visual checking of coverage or removal, which is enhanced by fluorescence under black light.


Case study: SuperCORR protects and lubricates contacts on charge/sync cable from Lifedge download

Envirotech EuropeTue, 13 Oct 2015

SuperCORR lubricant and protective coating is being used to protect contacts on a new Lifedge lightning connector to USB cable to offer the protection needed in extreme conditions.

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Contactless jetting improves lubrication speed and accuracy

White paper: Contactless jetting improves lubrication speed and accuracy download

IntertronicsMon, 2 Nov 2015

Lubrication of mechanical and electromechanical assemblies should be a precise science, with applied material volume and placement accuracy critical to effectiveness. No one expects the control buttons in their car to leave grease on their fingers. Operators of precision equipment do not expect to find their parts contaminated by lubrication from the bearings.