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Materials and chemicals used across the manufacturing and process industries. Includes raw materials, gases, liquids, lubricants, packaging materials and cleaning agents.

Iglidur A350 polymer plain bearing

iglidur A350 bearings and igubal material are ideal for food and drink processing industry downloadweblink

IgusTue, 21 Oct 2014

igus is offering a range of bearing products that are blue in colour for easier detection in the food and drink industry. The iglidur A350 polymer plain bearing material is FDA approved (Food and Drug Administration, US) and the igubal polymer material can also be recognised by metal detectors; both materials are manufactured completely from tribo-optimised plastic.

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Product brochure: ERIKS Lubrication Essentials — core lubrication range download

ERIKS Flow TechnologyThu, 30 Oct 2014

ERIKS Lubrication Essentials is a range of high-quality, readily available items designed to meet the most common industrial lubrication and maintenance applications.

Data sheet: AQUUS CLEAN 112 medium-duty, liquid, non-etch alkali cleaner from Envirotech download

Envirotech EuropeThu, 30 Oct 2014

AQUUS Clean 112 is a medium-duty, liquid, non-etch alkali cleaner designed to clean aluminium and its alloys by spray or dip prior to pre-treatment processes.

Data sheet: AQUUS Clean 105 alkali cleaner from Envirotech download

Envirotech EuropeWed, 22 Oct 2014

AQUUS Clean 105 is a heavy-duty non-etch silicated alkali cleaner designed to clean steel, zinc and aluminium and its alloys by spray prior to pre-treatment processes.

IPC cleaner

Product flyer: cleaners for pharmaceutical applications from International Products download

International ProductsTue, 14 Oct 2014

International Products provides precision cleaning concentrates that are suitable for a variety of pharmaceutical cleaning applications.

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Technical article: be vigilant when making degreasing choices download

Envirotech EuropeTue, 21 Oct 2014

There is no doubt that readers of trade magazines have remained keenly interested in the advantages to be found in process cleaning, while being confused by the amount of misinformation that seems to be forever presented to them. There are two reasons for this: an intention to mislead or simply a lack of understanding of the subject. In this article, Envirotech Europe discusses the importance of doing your research when choosing which products to use.