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Devices, components, assemblies and hardware associated with the design and development of electronic equipment. Includes active and passive components, enclosures, interconnection, optolectronics, power and subassemblies.

DET2/2 auto earth tester

Data sheet: robust and compact DET2/2 auto earth tester from Megger download

MeggerFri, 24 Oct 2014

The Megger DET2/2 auto earth tester is a robust compact instrument designed for measuring earth electrode resistance and soil resistivity.


Application note: on-site calibration of 20kV voltage testing and monitoring systems download

OMICRON electronicsFri, 24 Oct 2014

Lechwerke was looking for a suitable on-site calibration procedure for the 20kV voltage testing and monitoring systems it employs. It decided to use OMICRON’s multifunctional CPC 100 + CP TD1 primary testing system.

Data sheet: Opto Diode ODD-1WB 1mm² photodiode from AP Technologies download

AP Technologies LtdThu, 23 Oct 2014

This data sheet presents the features and specifications of Opto Diode’s ODD-1WB 1mm² photodiode, which is available from AP Technologies.

DRE240 series

Data sheet: DRE240 series power supply from Relec Electronics download

Relec Electronics Thu, 23 Oct 2014

The DRE240 A/C DIN rail-mountable series power supply from Relec Electronics has a high efficiency of 93 per cent, built-in active PFC and 150 per cent peak load capability.


Data sheet: versatile DCM340 digital clampmeter from Megger download

MeggerWed, 22 Oct 2014

The DCM340 digital clampmeter is suitable for use in the installation, maintenance, monitoring or checking of AC or DC electrical systems and equipment.

OMICRON's CPC 100 + CP CU1 system

Application note: OMICRON’s CPC 100 + CP CU1 measures three-terminal HV lines download

OMICRON electronicsWed, 22 Oct 2014

Amprion in Germany, which operates a transmission grid, aimed to reduce protection setting tolerances to a minimum based on measurements taken with OMICRON’s CPC 100 + CP CU1 system.

FDD15 DC/DC converter

Data sheet: Chinfa FDD15 series DC/DC converter from Relec Electronics download

Relec Electronics Tue, 21 Oct 2014

The Chinfa Electronics FDD15 series DC/DC converter, which is available from Relec Electronics, offers numerous features and benefits.

Data sheet: Opto Diode UVG100 100mm2 photodiode from AP Technologies download

AP Technologies LtdTue, 21 Oct 2014

The Opto Diode UVG100 100mm2 photodiode from AP Technologies is said to be ideal for 193-400nm detection. 

Brochure cover

Product brochure: power distribution interface concepts for railway applications download

WeidmullerTue, 21 Oct 2014

As transportation continues to develop, the responsibility grows to use modern technology intelligently. Weidmuller offers two interface concepts for power distribution.


Product brochure: connection technology and electrical installation from Weidmuller download

WeidmullerMon, 20 Oct 2014

This brochure from Weidmuller explains how the company provides a broad range of cable types and cross-sections, as well as offering support for professional stripping.

More product downloads

Application note: power conditioning techniques for batteries download

Linear TechnologyFri, 24 Oct 2014

This application note from Linear Technology describes a number of enhancement circuit techniques used with existing three-terminal regulators that extend current capability, limit power dissipation and more.

Technical article: some techniques for direct digitisation of transducer outputs download

Linear TechnologyWed, 22 Oct 2014

This technical article from Linear Technology presents analogue-to-digital conversion circuits that directly digitise low-level transducer outputs, without DC pre-amplification. It also covers circuits that operate with thermocouples, strain gauges, humidity sensors, level transducers and other sensors.

Mike from Sherborne Sensors

Technical article: Mike Might Know — semiconductor strain sensors download

Sherborne SensorsTue, 21 Oct 2014

Apart from its originally intended purpose for strain measurement, the metallic resistance strain gauge is extremely commonplace in transducer applications. Its low cost, high accuracy and ease of application make it an ideal transduction element and it is widely used in pressure, load, force, torque and displacement transducers. However, this article in Sherborne Sensors’ ‘Mike Might Know’ series focuses on semiconductor strain sensors.

Data centre and server security

Technical article: 21st century technology catches up with access control in data centres downloadweblink

EMKAThu, 9 Oct 2014

There have been several breaches of security at high-profile institutions in recent times, and almost every day brings a new story of how a building has been compromised and critical data or hardware destroyed or stolen. Data centre operators have long understood the need for physical access control on server cabinets. There are many ways of securing data centres, and many solutions have evolved over time to address access control at doors and server cabinets.

Application note: PCB layout considerations for non-isolated switching power supplies download

Linear TechnologyFri, 3 Oct 2014

Proper PCB layout at the early stage of a switching supply design is critical. Its importance cannot be overstated.

Audio precision 2722 analyser measures oscillator THD at –110dB, about 3ppm

Application note: fidelity testing for A→D converters download

Linear TechnologyMon, 29 Sep 2014

According to Linear Technology’s Jim Williams and Guy Hoover, the ability to faithfully digitise a sine wave is a sensitive test of high-resolution A?D converter fidelity. This test requires a sine-wave generator with residual distortion products approaching one part-per-million. Additionally, a computer-based A?D output monitor is necessary to read and display converter output spectral components.

Application note: application of fibre-optic photometry in continuous process control downloadweblink

Fullbrook SystemsThu, 25 Sep 2014

This article from Fullbrook Systems describes how photometry and the use of fibre-optic technology can be applied to the scale-up and continuous flow technology in the specialist fine chemicals industry. This discussion focuses on mature and commercially available technologies that can be applied across a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

Application note: closed-loop 100A active load brute force marries controlled speed download

Linear TechnologyWed, 24 Sep 2014

Digital systems, particularly microprocessors, furnish transient loads in the 100A range that a voltage regulator must service. Ideally, regulator output is invariant during a load transient. In practice, some variation is encountered and becomes problematic if allowable operating voltage tolerances are exceeded; 100A load steps exacerbate this issue. To meet this need, a closed-loop, 500kHz-bandwidth, linearly responding, 100A-capacity active load is used.