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Devices, components, assemblies and hardware associated with the design and development of electronic equipment. Includes active and passive components, enclosures, interconnection, optolectronics, power and subassemblies.

CPC 100 + CP CU1: portable measuring system for precise recording of line impedance

Application note: precise line impedance measuring in environments with interference download

OMICRON electronicsWed, 17 Sep 2014

The CPC 100 + CP CU1 measuring system is said to enable measurement of line impedances with a level of precision that goes far beyond any calculations.

Telonic tunable filters

Product brochure: tunable bandpass and bandstop filters from Telonic download

Telonic InstrumentsWed, 17 Sep 2014

Telonic Instruments’ tunable bandpass and bandstop filters cover HF, VHF, UHF, L-band and S-band and offer a broad tuning range.

Cotek ME-1200 series

Data sheet: Cotek ME-1200 series of power supplies from Relec Electronics download

Relec Electronics Wed, 17 Sep 2014

The Cotek ME-1200 series of 1,200W single-output power supplies is available from Relec Electronics. Features include universal AC input with active PFC.

PVS 100

Data sheet: PVS 100 phase verification system from Megger download

MeggerTue, 16 Sep 2014

The PVS 10 is designed for identifying phases on live electrical power systems. It offers clear identification of the phasing in relation to a reference phase.

Application note: improving output accuracy over temperature for RMS power detectors download

Linear TechnologyTue, 16 Sep 2014

Linear Technology’s LTC5582 and dual-channel LTC5583 are said to offer excellent stable temperature performance (from -40°C to +85°C).

Data sheet: OD-850W series of high-power GaAlAs IR emitter from AP Technologies download

AP Technologies LtdTue, 16 Sep 2014

The Opto Diode OD-850W high-power GaAlAs IR emitter from AP Technologies has a high optical output and a wide emision angle to cover a large area. 

Partial discharge pinpointing system

Data sheet: SebaKMT PD LOC partial-discharge pinpointing system from Megger download

MeggerFri, 12 Sep 2014

The SebaKMT PD LOC system from Megger solves the problem of pinpointing for mixed cables (XLPE/PILC) and for partial discharge in joints of single-core cables.

Contemplating nanosecond settling time measurement at Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, where this application note was written

Application note: two-nanosecond settling time measurement for wide-band amplifiers download

Linear TechnologyFri, 12 Sep 2014

Verifying precision operation at high speed is essential, and presents a high-order measurement challenge. This application note from Linear Technology’s Jim Williams expands further on the subject.

Catalogue cover

Product catalogue: Leuze's range of switching sensors, measuring sensors and more download

Leuze ElectronicFri, 12 Sep 2014

Leuze Electronic has published its product catalogue for 2014–15. The company’s range includes switching and measuring sensors, identification and data transmission sensors and more.

AC/DC enclosed switching power supply

Data sheet: EDA20 AC/DC power supply from Relec Electronics download

Relec Electronics Thu, 11 Sep 2014

The EDA20 AC/DC enclosed power supply from Relec Electronics has short circuit protection, an internal input filter and high efficiency up to 80 per cent.

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Video feature: minimising switching regulator residue in linear regulator outputs video

Linear TechnologyFri, 12 Sep 2014

This video explains the causes of linear regulators’ dynamic limitations and presents board-level techniques for measuring and improving ripple and spike rejection.

White paper cover

White paper: shift from information technology to intelligent technology downloadweblink

Sandvik CoromantWed, 10 Sep 2014

In the third instalment of its ‘Looking Ahead’ series about future manufacturing challenges driven by technological, demographic and environmental changes, toolmaker Sandvik Coromant explores the ramifications that keeping pace with — or falling behind — the coming technology shifts will have on the success of businesses. According to Sandvik Coromant’s white paper ‘Manufacturing Intelligence’ and its video ‘Looking Ahead’, we are now on the verge of the fourth industrial revolution, ...

Application note: two-wire virtual remote sensing for voltage regulators downloadweblink

Linear TechnologyWed, 10 Sep 2014

Wires and connectors have resistance. This simple, unavoidable truth dictates that a power source’s remote load voltage will be less than the source’s output voltage. In this application note from Linear Technology, figure one shows this and implies that intended load voltage can be maintained by raising regulator output. Unfortunately, line resistance and load variations introduce uncertainties, limiting achievable performance. Figure two illustrates one compensatory approach. Locally ...

Capacitive technology

Technical article: Gill R&D discusses capacitive technology and its uses downloadweblink

Gill Research & DevelopmentMon, 8 Sep 2014

A capacitor is a device that stores electric charge. Capacitors vary in size and shape, but the basic configuration is two conductors separated by a dielectric. This article from Gill Research and Development provides more information on capacitive technology and its uses.

Omicron's CPC 100 testing solution with the CP SB1 switchbox

White paper: reliable demagnetisation of transformer cores download

OMICRON electronicsFri, 5 Sep 2014

Whenever a power or distribution transformer is isolated from the power system, it is likely that residual magnetism remains in the core due to the phase shift. However, residual magnetism also occurs when performing winding resistance tests. As manufacturers use these measurements in their routine testing, transformers can be regularly influenced by the effect of residual magnetism.

Application note: diode turn-on time induced failures in switching regulators download

Linear TechnologyThu, 4 Sep 2014

Most circuit designers are familiar with diode dynamic characteristics such as charge storage, voltage-dependent capacitance and reverse recovery time. Less commonly acknowledged and manufacturer specified is diode forward turn-on time. This parameter describes the time required for a diode to turn on and clamp at its forward voltage drop. Historically, this extremely short time, units of nanoseconds, has been so small that user and vendor alike have essentially ignored it. It is rarely ...

Testing at a utility in Colorado, US

White paper: testing CT in delta winding download

OMICRON electronicsThu, 4 Sep 2014

Measuring the ratio of a current transformer (CT) mounted in a transformer delta winding can often be confusing if the electrical principals are not understood. This can be the case especially if there is wiring error leading to incorrect identification of the CT being tested. This paper from Omicron discusses the principles around performing a ratio measurement of CT’s mounted in delta winding. A case study is also presented to explain the test results due to incorrect CT wiring.

Application note: 1ppm settling time measurement for monolithic 18-bit DAC download

Linear TechnologyTue, 2 Sep 2014

Performance requirements for instrumentation, function generation, inertial navigation systems, trimming, calibrators, ATE, medical apparatus and other precision applications are beginning to eclipse capabilities of 16-bit data converters. More specifically, 16-bit digital-to-analogue converters (DACs) have been unable to provide required resolution in an increasing number of ultra-precision applications. As this application note from Linear Technology explains, new components have ...