Automat UPK performs submerged arc welding

Kjellberg Finsterwalde

Automat UPK

Kjellberg Finsterwalde has added a welding automatic machine for submerged arc welding to its product line.

Specialised in fillet welding, the Automat UPK handles wires with a diameter of up to 4mm.

It is lightweight but robust and will enhance the offer of Kjellberg Finsterwalde Schweisstechnik und Verschleiss-schutzsysteme from April onwards.

The uniaxial carriage has a third, stepless adjustable supporting wheel that guides the carriage along the fillet weld.

As with other Kjellberg automats, the nominal values for welding current, arc voltage and travel speed are preset at the control panel.

An automatic start and stop circuit, as well as separately adjustable startup and end crater filling phases, are designed to provide best welding results.

Exact positioning of the welding head with a swivel range of 15-45deg ensures optimal seam geometry.

Wires with a diameter of up to 4mm can be welded in this way.

The grooved supporting wheel allows a smooth run over tacks.

The maximum possible welding current of 800A is provided by the Kjellberg power source GTH 802.

Other power sources of the GTH series are also available.

The wire feeding head is suitable for basket coils of the K435 type.

The flux hopper has a capacity of 6l and can be equipped with a flux recovery unit.

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