Permabond introduces PBT bonding grade structural epoxy adhesive

PBT bonding grade structural epoxy adhesive

Permabond Engineering Adhesives has developed a structural epoxy adhesive designed to bond PBT, a polymer that is often used to make injection-moulded parts for the automotive, electrical and medical industries.

According to the company, Permabond ES5741 has been developed to bond even the most challenging blends of PBT, offering excellent adhesion, high-strength structural bonds and high-temperature resistance.

Permabond’s ES5741 is claimed to work well on a number of filled varieties of PBT where other adhesives have shown poor adhesion characteristics.

For more information about the Permabond ES5741PBT bonding solution, please click here.

Key specifications

  • Enables easy bonding of PBT to other materials (such as other types of plastic, phenolic, various metals)
  • Offers greater freedom of design and material selection, according to Permabond
  • Can cater for a small gap (up to 0.2mm) between parts
  • ES5741 is a single-part epoxy so there is no need to measure and mix
  • Curing takes place when the adhesive is heated

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