Sandvik Coromant enhances turning tool holders

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Coroturn HP turning tool holders

Sandvik Coromant has extended its Coroturn HP range of turning tool holders with an integrated high-pressure delivery capability.

The coolant jets of Coroturn HP improve machining performance by delivering cutting fluid at the precise point of cut, thereby removing heat more efficiently and reducing the subsequent problems of accelerated wear, according to the company.

The technology also helps to eliminate the re-machining of chips by keeping the cutting zone free of removed material, thus reducing the potential for component damage and permitting the scheduling of unmanned operations.

This is particularly relevant when using multi-task turn-mill centres, where chips gathering around the tool cause automatic tool change problems.

Negative-style inserts are often preferred when machining difficult materials such as heat-resistant super alloys (HRSAs), titanium and stainless steel.

Indexable tool-holding technology featuring integrated high-pressure coolant delivery could help machine shops improve chip breaking, tool life and/or cutting data.

Sandvik Coromant's current tool-holder programme has now been increased with the introduction of a further 38 tool holders in C5, C6 and C8 Coromant Capto coupling sizes, which are designed to accommodate negative inserts in C, S and D styles.

According to the company, the new tool holders can offer up to a 20 per cent increase in cutting speed when roughing difficult materials and up to 50 per cent more tool life when roughing or finishing challenging workpiece materials.

When combined with the quick-change Coromant Capto system, the Coroturn HP coolant system harnesses a high-pressure capability of up to 80bar in turning centres, vertical turning lathes and multi-task machines.

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