High-feed milling cutters machine hard steels

ITC Tooling

Hanita high-feed milling cutters

ITC has introduced the Hanita range of high-feed milling cutters, which has been engineered to machine steels at a hardness of up to 67HRc.

Designed specifically for the mould-and-die and medical markets, the high-feed range is suitable for the rough and semi-finish machining of hardened materials from 37HRc to 67HRc.

Each Hanita high-feed endmill permits high-feed machining with its six flutes and geometry, improving productivity and reducing manufacturing costs.

With necked shanks, the new range provides extended reach for deep-cavity machining, which is commonplace in the mould-and-die sector.

Effective in 3D machining, helical ramping, circular interpolation, face milling and pocketing, this multi-purpose series of endmills can improve metal removal rates by up to 190 per cent, while improving feed rates by three times compared to competitor products, according to the company.

The series is available in two ranges: the 70N7 for cutting materials beyond 50HRc and the 70N6 for materials from 40HRc to 52HRc, with additional 7FN7 and 7FN6 series also available with imperial dimensions.

The metric range is available in 2mm-diameter increments from 6mm to 12mm for small components with 16mm and 20mm cutters available for increased metal removal at high feed rates.

The solid-carbide cutters have a reach length of 18mm, 24mm, 30mm, 36mm, 48mm and 60mm respectively for machining pockets and long-reach applications with an overall length of 63mm, 76mm, 89mm, 100mm, 110mm and 125mm for rigid clamping in the machining centre.

The new range can operate at a surface speed of 160m/min with a 0.6mm feed per tooth and a table feed of 1.5m/min.

With a corner radius on the cutters, the range can machine difficult materials while maintaining good tool life and consistent performance.

The radii on the cutters are 0.58mm, 0.77mm, 0.96mm, 1.15mm, 1.54mm and 1.92mm for the 6mm-, 8mm-, 10mm-, 12mm-, 16mm- and 20mm-diameter endmills respectively.

The Hanita high-feed series from ITC is targeted at machine shops working with hard materials.

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