Controlling torque on RF/coax and SMA connectors


Torque tools

Mountz has introduced torque-tool options to ensure the correct torque is applied for applications that involve RF/coax and SMA connectors.

Mountz offers TB break-over wrenches and hand-torque screwdrivers that can accurately tighten coax and SMA connectors and prevent over tightening.

The TB is commonly used with an open-ended spanner, while the pre-set torque screwdriver with a crow's foot spanner head enables vertical access in places where conventional torque tools cannot be used.

The spanners are available to suit the standard sizes of all the major connector manufacturers.

For applications that require a torque tool to be used for round knurled or non-knurled nuts, where gripping to tighten may damage the surface, Mountz is offering a new wrench with a roller grip head.

The head is designed with soft-grip material, preventing damage to plastic caps and RF/coax and SMA connectors and tubes.

The spring-loaded design allows the head to snugly fit around the cap, tube or connector.

A syringe manufacturer is currently using this torque wrench to tighten the end cap of its syringes to a specified torque without damaging the cap.

Mountz offers a wide range of torque wrenches.

Conventional wrenches click when torque is reached, dial wrenches accurately measure torque and cam and break-over style wrenches prevent over-torque.

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