Hainbuch offers quick-changeover deadlength chuck


Mando Adapt deadlength T811

Hainbuch has added the Mando Adapt deadlength T811 with quick change-over interface to its workholding range.

The quick-change mandrel converts the deadlength or Axfix chuck to internal gripping in less than one minute.

There is no radial adjustment necessary as the integral Centrex interface will position the unit within 0.003mm.

The unit clamps radially without a drawbolt so it is also suitable for short blind bores.

Clamping bushes, end-stops and end-stop blanks are the same as parts for the existing Mando T212 mandrel; therefore they are all in stock.

Hainbuch said the system is accurate and rigid and dampens vibration as the clamping segments are vulcanised together.

This also means a large clamping range is possible, with clamping capacity of 8-100mm diameter.

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