Werma introduces surface-mount Cleansign LED signal tower for cleanroom applications

Cleansign surface-mount LED signal tower

Werma’s EHEDG-approved Cleansign LED signal tower is designed especially for use in cleanrooms, hygienic areas and the food industry. The company has recently introduced a surface-mount option, which can be installed on any surface.

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In the food and drink industry, as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, or during the manufacture of electronic components, high demands are placed on hygiene. This applies to both employees as well as the machinery, equipment and accessories used.

The Cleansign signal tower has obtained the highest air purity classification of two and can therefore be used safely in many applications including component manufacture, microelectronics, medical, research, pharmaceutical, optical, laser and aerospace.

Click on the link above to download the Cleansign brochure.

Key features and benefits

  • The compact design of Cleansign has no flat horizontal surface, grooves or joints where contamination could build up and therefore contamination risks are substantially reduced.
  • An EHEDG requirement calling for 30° angled surfaces has been rigorously imposed on the design, allowing for optimised flow of fluid, easier cleaning and better visibility of the signal tower.
  • Cleansign’s design reduces cleaning time considerably and will not use so much cleansing agents or energy to complete the job.
  • The polyamide housing of Cleansign is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, is compatible with foodstuffs and is resistant to cleansing and disinfecting agents.
  • The housing and fixing bracket are one piece — the absence of joints further helps to prevent the build-up of contamination.
  • The very bright Cleansign uses the latest in LED light technology, giving a life typically of up to 50,000 hours.
  • An integral loud sounder emphasises the signalling effect to people out of sight of the signal tower.
  • Different light effects are possible with the RGB, RGY LED variants, for example different colours and grading of colours.

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