Rittal introduces support arm series covering load ranges up to 180kg

Support arm range

Rittal has introduced its support arm series, which, in one uniform design, covers all the load ranges up to 180kg. With Rittal support arm systems, control panels can be easily and accurately turned, lifted and swivelled, ensuring operators can monitor their machines at any time.

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The support arm system is quick to assemble, simple to adjust, suitable for individual installations, designed in a uniform way, capable of bearing high loads and can facilitate cable management. 

Support arm systems can be created for the 60kg, 120kg and 180kg load levels (relative to a jib length of 1m) with a uniform function, installation and project planning system.

The system, consisting of support section, intermediate hinge and angle pieces, can be mounted on top of a machine or on a side panel. Wall and base mountings, as well as flexible top-mounted joints and wall mounted hinges, are available with horizontal outlets for assembly.

To help select the right support arm system, an interactive online configurator ensures rapid engineering, helping to configure the appropriate support arm solution with minimal effort.

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