Physik Instrumente offers low-cost fast piezo focusing devices suitable for use in 3D imaging

Physik Instrumentecontact supplier

Pifoc piezo objective scanners

Physik Instrumente (PI) has introduced a low-cost series of fast piezo focusing devices designed to improve results in fast focusing and lens positioning as well as in deconvolution/3D imaging.

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The Pifoc piezo objective scanner system packages consist of closed-loop piezomechanic objective positioners and custom-tuned compact digital servo controller/driver units.

The integrated, frictionless and high-stiffness piezo flexure drive ensures fast response and short settling times as well as high guiding accuracy, according to the company.

The digital controller is said to provide several advantages compared with the conventional analogue controllers of the fast focusing systems currently available, including higher linearity, improved settling performance, quicker adaptation to changing motion requirements and better access to advanced automation functions.

Key features

  • Complete system with fast digital controller and software
  • Choice of travel ranges: 100µm, 250µm or 400µm
  • Sub-nanometre resolution
  • Choice of position feedback sensors

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