Fanuc robot handles special brick variants

M710-iC six axes robot

Wienerberger UK has engineered an automated system for handling special brick variants in partnership with Fanuc Robotics UK.

The system uses a Fanuc Robotics M710-iC six axes robot to pick up green bricks from an input conveyor and positions them onto a ceramic pallet where they remain until fired.

Bricks are handled separately with a ’suits-all’ vacuum gripper solution, a vision system and bespoke palletising software.

Single or double bricks enter the system on a conveyor and their precise position is identified by a vision system using Fanuc Robotics IR-Vision integrated software.

The M710-iC robot is fitted with a single vacuum gripper that orientates itself to information fed by the vision system and picks up the brick.

The control panel has PC and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) that allow the shape to be drawn, edited and dimensions to be input.

From this information the software defines where the gripper locates the brick, where to place the brick and how to orientate each layer to complete a 950 x 950 x 1,000mm pallet.

A robot has been used to draw the sander across each layer as it is completed.

The level of sand dispensed is controlled by the speed, height and tilt of the dispenser as the robot passes it over the bricks.

The ceramic pallet is positioned on a rotary table that removes the pallet to an unloading area and positions a new pallet so that uninterrupted production can continue.


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