Cable technology suits moulds with many cavities

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Multi-channel cable technology

Kistler's multi-channel cable technology has been designed to simplify the installation of cavity pressure sensors in multi-cavity moulds.

In the past, each sensor needed a separate cable to the charge amplifier making installation both time consuming and subject to the potential risk of incorrect connection.

The multi-channel cable system builds on the Kistler single-wire technology to further simplify installation by replacing multiple connections to the charge amplifier or analysis equipment with one or more eight-pin plug-in connectors.

Cables from up to eight sensors are brought to a single connector mounted on the mould from which a multi-core cable carries signals to the charge amplifier.

Using a multi-pin connector eliminates the risk of connection mistakes and saves time during set-up.

A specially designed multi-channel, plug-in charge amplifier for use with all Kistler Unisens single-wire sensors complements the multi-channel cable technology.

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