Belzona to show CUI coating at Offshore Europe

Belzona Polymerics

Belzona 5841 coating

Belzona Polymerics will be launching its Belzona 5841 at Offshore Europe.

Belzona 5841 is part of a range of coatings for the repair and protection of metal surfaces which suffer from Corrosion under Insulation (CUI).

The solvent-free coating can be applied directly to surfaces operating between 30-80C (86-176F), with minimal surface preparation, avoiding production downtime.

It expands the current online application temperature cover of Belzona CUI products to 5C-150C (41-302F) offering protection to systems operating between -40 and 200C (140 to 392F).

Its adhesive- and corrosion-resistant properties ensure extended life of the asset and minimal inspection requirements.

Once application has been completed, the asset can be reinsulated with minimum delay.

Applications for 5841 include: pipework, vessels, columns, heat exchangers, strippers and hot wells.

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