Wheelabrator introduces latest shot-peen finishes


Peenplus shot-peen finishes

Wheelabrator Impact Finishers has introduced its new generation of architectural shot-peen finishes, called Peenplus.

Developed especially for stainless steel but on occasions also applied to aluminium, Peenplus provides an aesthetic look and distinctive solutions to modern challenges for architects and specifiers.

Engineered using a 'shot-peening' technique, the Peenplus surface finish is created by impacting spherical particles onto the surface of material under controlled conditions.

The particles generate an even, continuous, unbroken pattern visible on the surface.

This process creates a work-hardened surface that is very hardwearing and increases the material's resistance to anti-social behaviour and scratching; it also potentially increases the resistance of the stainless steel to corrosion.

There is no coating applied to the surface and the finish is potentially everlasting, resulting in no environmental impact from paint product application or tatty degenerating coatings requiring expensive maintenance in years to come.

Peenplus has been specifically developed to allow architects and specifiers to create a new shot-peened finish using entirely non-ferrous shot, thereby eliminating the risk of any cross contamination from the old steel shot methods used previously.

Impact Finishers' shot-peen finishes have already been specified on several recently completed underground refurbishment and development projects, including the interior and exterior stainless-steel cladding at Wood Lane, Stratford and Kings Cross stations as well as high-specification office redevelopments.

Even sculptures have benefited from this finish solution, emphasising the suitability and durability of the Peenplus range in harsh environments, according to the company.

The Peenplus range of finishes is now presented in Impact Finishers' new swatch sample wallet, suitable for storing in libraries or for showing to clients.

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