Surtech belt linishing and friction deburring machines eliminate Procut slag removal issues

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Belt linishing machine/friction deburring machine

Procut has selected a belt linishing machine and Lima 600L friction deburring machine from Surface Technology Products (Surtech) to eliminate a bottleneck in its production processes that was adversely affecting delivery times.

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Procut is a manufacturer of steel profiles for the manufacturing and general subcontract industries.

A new order — for 2,000 cut steel blanks per month — was proving unmanageable for the company. Its four oxy-propane CNC profiling machines could meet the demand; however, the hard slag remaining on the blanks as a result of the cutting process was causing problems.

The company’s staff removed the slag by hand, using hammer and chisel and 7in (17.8cm) handheld grinders; a bottleneck formed within this process as the amount of work increased.

Procut turned to Surtech and acquired a belt linishing machine in August 2011 for the cleaning of the parts and the removal of any scale and a Lima 600L friction deburring machine in February 2012 for removing the hard slag from the cut blanks.

Key benefits of product application

  • Chris Brown, general manager at Procut, said the Surtech machines have enabled his company to save on lead times, labour requirements and costs.
  • He added that the machines have also improved the working environment: the friction deburrer is a fully enclosed unit with built-in extraction, eliminating potential respiratory issues; while the belt linishing machine also features an attached extraction unit for improved operator safety.
  • The friction deburring machine runs very quietly with doors closed and has enabled Procut to process its component at a rate similar to the actual cutting cycle.
  • Brown said he expects the Surtech machines to pay for themselves in 18 months.
  • He added that the friction deburrer creates a quality surface finish that requires little or no further dressing.

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