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CNC/manual bed mills

XYZ Machine Tools has revealed that Mills and Coombs has selected the company's CNC/manual bed mills to produce replacement parts and specialist cutting knives for paper-bag making machines.

The variable speed VM 3500 bed mill has a 1372 x 355mm table with travels of 762 (X) x 508 (Y) x 508mm (Z), while the two larger 7.5HP/5000rev/min SMX 5000 bed mills have a 1930 x 356mm table with travels of 1524 x 596 x 540mm, providing a 5ft-plus cutting length for larger components.

Tim Cousins of Mills and Coombs runs the CNC/manual bed mills to make the knives, and selected the machines due to the simplicity of the Prototrak control.

He said the choice of an XYZ VM 3500 CNC/manual bed mill was based on the ease with which its Prototrak CNC could be programmed simply by following plain English prompts, and being able to use the Traking facility to manually wind the machine through the entire program to check for problems before beginning the machining process.

The three bed mills have been installed at two-yearly intervals, with XYZ Machine Tools helping to arrange the appropriate financial package on each occasion.

Cousins said that XYZ's after-sales support and training has been helpful and technical advice is readily available free-of-charge over the phone.

He has also bought a right-angle head attachment from XYZ as it is relevant to another part of his business, making the stringer needles and other spares needed for machines that punch a hole through each batch of 100 paper bags and thread through the cord by which the bags can then be hung up.

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