Waterjet equipment from Wightman Stewart improves cutting of nickel alloys and titanium

Wightman Stewart

Turnkey waterjet system

A turnkey waterjet system from Wightman Stewart is enabling CML Alloys to cut nickel alloys and titanium with a high degree of accuracy and minimal waste material.

The system includes an Accustream AS series intensifier and diamond cutting heads, a Wardjet waterjet cutting table and a twin-screen CNC controller.

The Accustream AS 60 100hp intensifier and the Wardjet ZX-2543 waterjet cutting table have enabled CML Alloys to improve lead times and to further expand its range of services in order to provide fully machined parts to exacting customer specifications.

Key benefits of product application

  • The Accustream AS 60 100hp intensifier offers good build quality, a low cost of ownership, PLC-based diagnostic control and a twin-intensifier design — all important considerations for CML Alloys.
  • Advanced Intensifier Technology (AIR) is said to ensure straightforward maintenance, prolonged component life and high levels of reliability; for example, for simplified access the hydraulic rod seals and plunger bearing are readily accessed from the outside of the hydraulic end cap.
  • For improved component life, the hydraulic centre section features an advanced piston design to minimise seal wear and to improve component life.
  • Ensuring low maintenance, the check valve utilises a screwless, low-pressure poppet design to enable the quick evaluation of key contact surfaces.

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