Waterjet cutter from Wightman Stewart helps to enhance the quality of insulated roof panels

Wightman Stewart

In-line waterjet cutting system

Steadmans, a UK-based manufacturer of cladding and roofing products, has improved the quality of its range of insulated panels by investing in a waterjet cutting system from Wightman Stewart.

The pure-water in-line waterjet cutting system has improved the finish of the manufacturer’s AS 35 insulated panels — each of which consists of two coated steel profiles, including an external 0.5mm-thick weather sheet and an internal 0.4mm-thick liner.

In an effort to improve the process of cutting the panels to size, Steadmans decided to switch from wet-knife cutting to waterjet cutting.

The waterjet cutting head follows a saw blade that rough cuts each panel as it is fed along the production line; waterjet then trims the insulating foam and provides a 90° smooth edge to the panel, removing any excess fill.

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