CML Alloys benefits from waterjet cutting system

Wightman Stewart

waterjet cutting system

A turnkey waterjet cutting system from Wightman Stewart has given CML Alloys the ability to cut nickel alloys and titanium with a high degree of accuracy and with minimal waste of material.

The system includes an Accustream AS series intensifier, Dialine diamond cutting heads and a Wardjet waterjet cutting table with a twin-screen CNC controller.

CML Alloys has also improved lead times and extended its range of services, using the waterjet cutting process to provide fully machined parts to exacting customer specifications.

The Accustream AS 60 100ho intensifier sits adjacent to the Wardjet ZX-2543 waterjet cutting table.

Its build quality, low cost of ownership, PLC-based diagnostic control and twin intensifier design were important considerations in its specification.

The Wardjet ZX-2543 has been custom designed with a large 2.5 x 4.3m cutting table to accommodate large sheets of titanium.

While most of the titanium cutting involves straight-line cutting, the 2.5m-deep table gives CML Alloys the facility to cut components such as large dished heads.

The Accustream Dialine cutting heads are claimed to offer a high-quality and repeatable cut.

The diamonds are targeted to increase machine uptime, offering an estimated life cycle of 1,000 hours.

The two independent Z-axes incorporate height sensors, which are especially useful when cutting expensive materials, giving CML Alloys greater confidence in the cutting process.

CML Alloys is cutting titanium sheet to finished tolerances of +0.0/0.2mm, and the Wardjet machine is laser mapped and ball barred in order to achieve this.

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