Rittal introduces Blue E cooling units designed to provide energy savings of up to 45 per cent

Blue E cooling units

Rittal claims that its Blue E cooling units have the same nominal cooling output, physical size and cut-out dimensions as the equivalent Rittal Basic cooling units and can realise energy savings of up to 45 per cent.

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Each cooling unit features additional monitoring functions on the seven-segment display, including high-condensate-level warning, a clogged-filter mat alarm, enclosure internal temperature and error messages. As a result, the health of the unit can be checked at a glance.

Using the SK BUS system, up to 10 Rittal Blue E cooling units can be connected together in a master and slave configuration.

Key features

  • Passcode protection — this both restricts access and prevents accidental adjustment
  • Ridiag II software — this setup, diagnostic and data acquisition tool may be used in conjunction with the Toptherm Blue E cooling unit

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