Rittal updates DET-AC III product range for fire detection and extinguishing

DET-AC III range

Rittal has updated the DET-AC III product range, comprising the DET-AC III master fire alarm and extinguisher system, the complementary DET-AC III slave unit and the EFD III early fire detection solution. All three products are available in the form of 19in slide-in racks.

Significant enhancements have been made to the DET-AC III master. The system now features a CAN bus interface for direct integration with the Rittal CMC (computer multi-control) III monitoring solution. This provides administrators with more detailed information on the status of installations and incoming alerts.

A USB interface is said to simplify service and maintenance of the DET-AC III. It allows service technicians to view information on operational status and events, modify configurations, reset service intervals or install new firmware from a laptop, without opening the enclosure.

Taking up 1U in a 19in rack featuring a two-stage smoke extraction system, two highly sensitive optical sensors detect small smoke particles at early stages and can sound an alarm from 0.25 per cent obscuration per meter. If the first sensor detects smoke aerosols, a pre-alarm is issued. If the second sensor also detects smoke, the main alarm is triggered and the extinguisher is activated.

Using the 3M Novec 1230 fire suppression solution, the system was the first in its class to successfully pass comprehensive VdS testing. It is environmentally friendly, does not conduct electricity and does not damage IT equipment.

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