FB70011 filter-bench controls airborne particles



Flextraction has introduced the FB70011, a downdraught filter bench to control airborne particles.

It is suitable for applications such as sanding, de-burring, finishing, linishing, fettling and ingredient weighing in the food and agricultural industry plus other dust-forming applications.

The FB70011 helps to eliminate potential respiratory health problems for employees.

It complies with HSG258 legislation for the control of airborne contaminants at work.

It features an inverter variable-frequency drive-control to regulate the operating speed of the single-phase 230V, 50/69Hz, 500W high-power backward-curve centrifugal fan, producing an air volume of 2,300m3/hr.

Other features include filter gauges with spring-loaded filter-clamp mechanisms and filter full indicators, a G4-pleated filter for efficient 0-500Pa gauge pre/primary filtration to remove any particles within the airstreams and 0-1000Pa Hepa Filter, both with 'filter full' indicators and an optional Hepa cartridge to remove submicron particulate with an efficiency up to 99.9 per cent.

It also includes a motor-fault warning light, three-sided enclosure, levelling feet and an on/off pushbutton control with a power-on light.

It measures 1,200 x 1,060 x 740mm deep.

It weighs 180kg.

It is also mobile and has swivel and brake casters.

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