Kabelschlepp energy chains provide protection

Kabelschlepp Metool

Energy chains

Kabelschlepp offers a full range of energy chains made of steel, plastic and compound materials.

In applications where shavings, heavy impurities, flying sparks, or falling parts occur, functionality of energy conveyor chains must not be restricted.

Products of the tube series with plastic or aluminium covers, or fully closed conveyor tubes, provide reliable dirt protection and thus prevent damage to chains, or the cables managed.

Uniflex tubes allow this option.

The versatile, rigid and economic plastic conveyor chain, offered in fixed width options, is available with covers on one or both sides.

The covers of the master H series combine the rigidity and versatility of aluminium stays with the low weight of plastic covers.

This chain, with its optimised weight and quiet operation, is available in 1mm-width increments.

It offers an optimised ratio of inner space to outer dimensions, and also a multitude of compartment layouts.

The master L series is equally light and quiet and specifically designed for long, unsupported travel.

As an option, it available with aluminium covers in 1mm-width increments, or plastic covers in 25mm width increments.

Also the versatile, rigid and durable tubes of the MT series can be supplied with covers in 1mm-width increments or with plastic covers in 8mm and 16mm increments as an alternative.

The XLT series with aluminium cover offers a large internal height.

Aluminium covers are also used in applications for extreme conditions, where the carrier of choice would be the S or SX steel range.

Tubes include the flexible Mobiflex and the designer tube Conduflex, which offers an attractive design with stainless fittings and GRP frames.

Most of the chain types offer a specific stay variant to cater for large diameter air ducts.

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