PI Expert Suite includes thermal calculations for improving heatsink performance

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PI Expert Suite design software

Power Integration’s PI Expert Suite Version 8.5 is a piece of power supply design productivity software that is compatible with the company’s HiperLCS range of high-frequency LLC converter ICs and its TOPSwitch-JX series of integrated offline switcher ICs.

The software can simplify design processes by producing a complete schematic of the power supply and features a power transformer design and a wide range of materials.

The latest version also includes thermal calculations for improved heatsink performance and provides PCB layout recommendations for the selected device and package type.

Additionally, an updated library of components includes fuses, fusible resistors, shunt regulators, optocouplers, and heatsinks.

Key product features

  • Available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions
  • 64-bit version features a larger system memory and faster processor speeds
  • The suite is available in English, traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Russian languages
  • Transformer prototypes resulting from the use of this software can be ordered through Power Integrations’ Rapid Transformer Sample Service


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