October 2007

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  • Compact electric lifting cylinders can be used in applications with long travel paths weblink

    Thomson |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

  • 7500 selections for geared servo motors

    Lenze |Fri, 5 Oct 2007

    The MC range of Lenze geared servo motors has expanded to cover more than 7500 selections with in-line or right-angle gearboxes.

  • ABB helps Toblerone to new heights of productivity

    ABB Robotics |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    ABB has supplied a custom-made robotic solution to Kraft Food Schweiz AG, the world's second largest food and beverage company, to help produce the new range of bite-size Toblerone One by One

  • ACI dryer enables new CCE bottle labelling

    Air Control Industries |Thu, 11 Oct 2007

    In the fast moving FMCG market product awareness is king: ROSO (Roll-on Shrink-on) provided the solution, on a new bottle shape, but ACI was needed to ensure the bottle surfaces were dried effectively

  • Actuators provide precise positioning

    Physik Instrumente |Thu, 25 Oct 2007

    The Nexact system combines virtually unlimited travel ranges with high stiffness and bandwidth in a very small package.

  • Added X-axis improves machining flexibility

    Citizen Machinery |Sat, 20 Oct 2007

    Seven-axis/21 tool CNC sliding head automatic lathe now has an extra X-axis, X-2, on the back spindle and back tool post to raise machining flexibility further.

  • All VEGA radar level gauges now licence exempt!

    VEGA Controls |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    Until now, all radar level gauges needed to be registered and licensed for use in the UK: now all gauges, including all VegaPuls units already installed, can be used without a licence

  • Angle measuring system is bearing-integrated

    Schaeffler |Mon, 15 Oct 2007

    For use in dynamic and precise direct-drive rotary machine tool axes, a bearing-integrated angle measuring system enables very rigid and highly dynamic drive control.

  • Automated packaging saves time and money

    Automated Packaging Systems |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    An integrated Autobag AB 180 and print-and-pack bagging system from Automated Packaging Systems has been installed at OEM Automation Limited in Leicester.

  • Automatic sample preparation and titration in one download

    Metrohm |Fri, 19 Oct 2007

    The new 815 Robotic Titration Soliprep from Metrohm is suitable for the titrimetric determination of samples that first have to be homogenised

  • Barometric pressure sensors with high accuracy

    First Sensor AG |Fri, 26 Oct 2007

    The new Sensortechnics HCA Baro series offers OEM customers high precision barometric pressure measurement with simultaneous digital and analogue output signals

  • Battery power manager integrates more

    Linear Technology |Thu, 4 Oct 2007

    Next-generation power management IC integrates a switching manager, a battery charger, an ideal diode, I2C control, three high efficiency synchronous buck regulators and an always-on LDO.

  • Bearings range receives new sizes

    Thomson |Wed, 24 Oct 2007

    Thomson Super Ball Bushing bearings' low co-efficient of friction lets users employ smaller and less expensive motors, belts, gears and ball screws when replacing high friction, plain bearings.

  • Belt clip makes improves enclosure portability

    OKW Enclosures |Sun, 21 Oct 2007

    The Soft Case belt/wall clips allow the enclosures to be worn on a belt and then stored on a wall, or in a cabinet, after use.

  • Bibliographic software offers Mac compatability

    Adept Scientific |Tue, 2 Oct 2007

    EndNote X1 Mac includes new functionality with AppleScript compatibility for key EndNote tasks.

  • Business support using W@M Life Cycle Management

    Endress+Hauser |Thu, 4 Oct 2007

    Knowledge is a critical factor in driving productivity and competitiveness - and full knowledge of your plant status allows for good maintenance planning

  • Cables tolerate offshore conditions

    TE Connectivity |Mon, 15 Oct 2007

    Tyco Electronics' ROV cables all benefit from reduced weight and diameter, providing longer lengths on current handling equipment.

  • CAD software slashes moulding times

    Delcam |Mon, 8 Oct 2007

    With PowerShape, M2M can produce a preliminary layout in one to four days and a complete design in only one to five weeks.

  • CAM system is certified by SolidWorks

    Delcam |Wed, 31 Oct 2007

    The SolidWorks Partner Program has awarded Delcam's FeatureCAM range of feature-based CAM software the status of 'Certified CAM Product'.

  • CAM system links to Vericut software

    Delcam |Mon, 29 Oct 2007

    For machine tool simulation and feed rate optimisation, Delcam has announced that its PowerMILL CAM system now links up with CGTech's Vericut software.

  • CAM system offers precise advantages

    Delcam |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    Innovative Precision has added Delcam's FeatureCAM CAM system, giving the company several advantages in its high-precision, quick-turnaround work.

  • Camera offers 85 degree field of view

    Inertial Aerosystems |Wed, 10 Oct 2007

    Fusion software, combined with DSP technology, can give the TrackVis a position accuracy of 2 to 5mm under normal conditions.

  • Cameras capture colour and NIR images

    Stemmer Imaging |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    Colour and NIR images are acquired simultaneously from exactly the same field of view.

  • Car manufacturer chooses crash software

    Altair Engineering |Wed, 31 Oct 2007

    PSA Peugeot Citroen has been able to replace many physical tests with Radioss' numerical simulation, saving time and money in the development phase

  • Catalogue offers 300 extra pages of products

    Ondrives |Mon, 29 Oct 2007

    Rino Industries' new precision engineered components catalogue is nearly 900 pages long.

  • Catalysis provides clean, dry air

    Beko Technologies |Wed, 3 Oct 2007

    The Bekokat operates independently of the ambient conditions, oil inlet concentration and relative humidity of the compressed air.

  • Catalytic converter for pure compressed air

    Beko Technologies |Thu, 4 Oct 2007

    Bekokat, the innovative catalysis method for compressed-air processing by Beko Technologies, provides oil-free and dry, compressed-air, class 1 and better, in a single process step after compression

  • Caustic evaporation system order for the USA

    Alfa Laval |Tue, 30 Oct 2007

    Alfa Laval - a world leader in heat transfer, centrifugal separation and fluid handling - has received an order for an evaporation system to be delivered to the American company Pioneer Americas

  • CCD cameras offer high frame rates

    Stemmer Imaging |Tue, 23 Oct 2007

    The cameras feature an auto-iris function which makes them ideally suited to outdoor applications, as they can cope with a wide range of light levels.

  • CenService, a commissioning and inspection service

    Newson Gale |Mon, 8 Oct 2007

    CenService is a commissioning and inspection service provided by Newson-Gale to ensure customers are confident their earthing/bonding equipment is installed and maintained to a high standard

  • Cheese producer relies on Safeline for food safety

    Mettler Toledo |Fri, 12 Oct 2007

    To assure the highest product quality and food safety, one of the world's leading cheese manufacturers recently turned to Mettler-Toledo Safeline, for X-ray and metal detection systems

  • ChemBioOffice software suite for Life Sciences

    Adept Scientific |Fri, 19 Oct 2007

    Adept Scientific is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ChemBioOffice 2008, part of the CambridgeSoft full suite of integrated scientific desktop applications

  • Circular connects suit rail applications

    PEI-Genesis |Fri, 5 Oct 2007

    PEI-Genesis is offering the CIR connectors and flame-retardant FRCIR variants with a 48-hour assembly service.

  • Clamps grip from within the workpiece

    Elesa |Wed, 31 Oct 2007

    The precise self-centring action of the GN411 provides solid stable clamping of workpieces with uneven or irregular external surfaces

  • CNC punch press ups subcontract competitiveness

    Fife Fabrications |Fri, 26 Oct 2007

    Precision sheet metal working subcontractor has had installed one of th latest CNC punching centres, which with 2G axis accelerations offers higher productivity.

  • CNC sliding head auto replaces three cam types

    Citizen Machinery |Tue, 30 Oct 2007

    UK machining subcontractor has purchased its first CNC sliding head automatic lathe, which will replace three existing cam-operated automatic lathes in machining complex work.

  • CNC sliding head auto to oust five cam types

    Citizen Machinery |Fri, 26 Oct 2007

    Subcontract precision engineering company is planning to replace five older cam automatic lathes and reduce second operation work with one CNC sliding head automatic.

  • Collimator protects fibre lasers

    Pacer |Wed, 24 Oct 2007

    High-power beam delivery systems combine an integrated optical isolator in line with a Fusion fibre collimator.

  • Compact bar feeder fits restricted spaces

    Kitagawa Europe |Tue, 30 Oct 2007

    Three recently updated models of bar feeders include a compact design that handles bar of 5-51mm diameter and up to 2080mm long for use in restricted spaces.

  • Compact double acting belt drive chosen

    Hepcomotion |Mon, 29 Oct 2007

    A double-acting version of a belt driven system was chosen by an aluminium coil rolling mill for its speed, response and compactness for a limited mounting space.

  • Condition monitoring as an insurance policy download

    Schaeffler |Mon, 22 Oct 2007

    The latest condition monitoring systems and services will reduce the risk and costs associated with unforeseen breakdowns to production plant and machinery, says Kate Hartigan.

  • Condition monitoring: insurance against breakdowns download

    Schaeffler |Thu, 4 Oct 2007

    By using the latest condition monitoring systems and services, manufacturing companies can reduce the risk and costs associated with unforeseen breakdowns to production plant and machinery

  • Connector provides good attenuation

    ITT Interconnect Solutions |Fri, 12 Oct 2007

    The TMDMP filter connector is suitable for integrated avionics and electronic warfare, satellites and space systems, radar and sensors, weapon controls and targeting systems.

  • Connector range receives expansion

    IFM Electronic |Tue, 30 Oct 2007

    The sealing ring is protected against excessive pressing from the coupling nut and ensures optimum efficiency.

  • Connectors offer IP68 seal

    Bulgin Components |Mon, 15 Oct 2007

    The mini USB connector is dust and waterproof to IP68 when mated and provides USB V2.0 performance up to 480Mbit/s.

  • Control unit improves safety and performance

    SKF |Mon, 15 Oct 2007

    SKF's VCU can be used with a combination of telescopic pillars, rotary actuators and linear actuators in a wide variety of industrial and mobile applications.

  • Copper-coated Mn-Si alloyed solid wire

    ESAB |Mon, 22 Oct 2007

    Finley Structures, with a production capacity of 250 tonnes per week, selected ESAB OK Autrod12.64, a copper-coated Mn-Si alloyed G4Si1/ER70S-6 solid wire for GMAW of non-alloyed steels.

  • Cost-effective point liquid level detection

    First Sensor AG |Thu, 25 Oct 2007

    Sensortechnics introduces the new OLP series of miniature optical liquid level switches to measure the presence or absence of liquid in a wide range of OEM applications.

  • Coupling suits diesel engines

    Centa Transmissions |Tue, 23 Oct 2007

    Centax-NL couplings are suitable for high-speed diesel engines which are mounted separately from the marine gear and placed on soft flexible mounts.

  • Crimping machine saves on hose costs

    Eriks |Fri, 26 Oct 2007

    Wyko arranged to supply Caterpillar with a crimping machine, along with a carefully structured stock of hose and couplings.

  • Current-sense amplifier is simple to apply

    Linear Technology |Tue, 2 Oct 2007

    Low-cost high-side current-sense amplifier can resolve small differential signals from common mode voltages up to 36V.

  • DACs reduce harmonic distortion

    Linear Technology |Fri, 12 Oct 2007

    The LTC2641/LTC2642 can be used in precision DC positioning systems, gain and offset adjustment applications, automatic test equipment and data acquisition systems.

  • Data loggers monitor food in transit

    Gemini Data Loggers |Thu, 11 Oct 2007

    With Gemini's Tinytag data loggers, temperature and humidity can be recorded and logged to preset parameters and any fluctuations can be identified at any time in the cold food chain.

  • Data loggers suit hazardous environments

    Gemini Data Loggers |Thu, 11 Oct 2007

  • DC/DC regulator frees up board space

    Linear Technology |Sun, 21 Oct 2007

    The LTM4608 is a complete 8A DC/DC uModule regulator system with on-board DC/DC controller, power switches, inductor compensation and input/output bypass capacitors.

  • Determination of trace water in petrochemicals

    Metrohm |Fri, 26 Oct 2007

    The 831 KF Coulometer for determining even ultratraces of water in petrochemicals with great accuracy sets a new standard in price/performance ratio

  • Dew point hygrometers for hire!

    Michell Instruments |Tue, 9 Oct 2007

    Michell Instruments are delighted to announce that, responding to frequent customer requests, they now offer a rental scheme for a number of their products

  • Dosing pumps offer de-aeration

    Prominent Fluid Controls |Tue, 23 Oct 2007

    The de-aeration facility makes the Delta the only pump of its kind which can automatically degas when gas is detected in the pump head.

  • Double-sealed actuators survive flooding

    Rotork |Wed, 17 Oct 2007

    Rotork provided two site service technicians who inspected and checked actuators in vital areas including the low lift pump house, which had been submerged to a depth of 3m.

  • Drives meet labelling needs

    Lenze |Wed, 17 Oct 2007

    The complex motions of the composite can labeller together with high speeds require five axes of servo and two axes of inverters, all supplied by Lenze.

  • Drives power innovative dry ice cleaning machine

    Lenze |Tue, 9 Oct 2007

    Lenze smd drives provide the flexibility, simplicity and small footprint required to drive the compressed air systems used in the revolutionary IceTech mobile dry ice blasting machines

  • Drives suit compressed air systems

    Lenze |Mon, 8 Oct 2007

    The IceTech range of blasting equipment employs a high-pressure pump powered by a single three-phase 230V 50Hz motor to propel the dry ice pellets into a compressed air stream.

  • Economical electric lifting cylinders save space

    Wed, 31 Oct 2007

    The cost of additional gearing and maintenance are avoided by using powerful, dynamic and compact electric lifting cylinders, which give direct response and precision.

  • Encoder system performs as fine pitch system

    Renishaw |Thu, 11 Oct 2007

    The Signum RSLM encoder system from Renishaw provides all of the benefits of a 20 um encoder with the performance of a fine pitch system.

  • Encoders offer speed and precision

    Renishaw |Wed, 10 Oct 2007

    Renishaw's SiGNUM encoder range offers high-speed, reliable, noncontact performance combined with the IN-TRAC auto-phase optical reference mark and dynamic signal processing.

  • Energy from waste by incineration

    Elga Process Water |Wed, 17 Oct 2007

    A combination of reverse osmosis, CEDI and mixed bed polishing cylinders in two standard 40foot ISO containers provide feedwater for the power generation boiler at the waste incinerator in Bolton

  • Expansion joints handle extreme environment

    James Walker Townson |Fri, 26 Oct 2007

    JWT replaced two of the existing metallic expansion joints with fabric joints produced to survive the extreme gas and cyclic conditions.

  • Fans respond to sensor feedback

    Air Control Industries |Tue, 16 Oct 2007

    The QB EC units can be set up to meet specific performance requirements and respond to feedback from such devices as heat, pressure and humidity sensors to adjust air flow as required.

  • Fettling robot 'feels' its way around castings

    ABB Robotics |Wed, 31 Oct 2007

    A software function, RobotWare Machining FC, lets robots grind, polish or buff castings while maintaining a constant pressure between the tool and the work surface.

  • Fewer robots needed to paint cars

    ABB Robotics |Mon, 29 Oct 2007

    Having a very large working envelope, two robots can replace four existing ones when painting an automobile's exterior and ensures coating is more consistent.

  • Firmware upgrade released for thermal imagers

    Fluke Calibration |Tue, 2 Oct 2007

    A free upgrade will double the image-storage capacity of Fluke Ti20 thermal imagers in the field.

  • Flowmeter meets demanding hygiene standards

    Endress+Hauser |Thu, 11 Oct 2007

    The hygienic design of Promass P allows it to drain completely so that no fluids get trapped inside, making it ideal for use in skid-mount applications.

  • Fluke offers FREE live Thermal Imaging webinars

    Fluke Calibration |Fri, 19 Oct 2007

    Fluke is offering free participation in thermal imaging seminars on 8th or 14th November via the web, to learn about the benefits that inexpensive thermal imagers can bring to preventative maintenance

  • Frame grabbers accelerate machine vision

    Cognex |Mon, 22 Oct 2007

    The MVS-8600e family of frame grabbers allow the connection of CameraLink cameras through the PCI Express interface.

  • FREE Metrohm monograph: Analysis of water samples

    Metrohm |Mon, 15 Oct 2007

    Water is essential for all living organisms - without water no life is possible! This monograph shows you which parameters and water constituents can be analysed with Metrohm instruments

  • Geared servomotors offer large torque range

    Lenze |Tue, 2 Oct 2007

    The size of the MC servomotor range allows design engineers to exactly match the drive to the load and achieve optimum machine performance.

  • Growing use of variable frequency drives

    SKF |Thu, 11 Oct 2007

    The growing use of variable frequency drives is leading in many cases to bearing damage and failure caused by the affects of electrical currents, according to Phil Burge, Marketing Manager at SKF.

  • Guide outlines seal offerings

    James Walker and Co |Thu, 4 Oct 2007

    James Walker Sealing Products and Services guide gives details of the activities, materials, products and industrial services provided.

  • High performance fluid sealing - a free guide

    James Walker and Co |Fri, 5 Oct 2007

    James Walker is a dynamic global manufacturer and distributor that supplies a vast range of standard and customised 'Sealing Products and Services' to virtually every sector of industry

  • High productivity NC rotary tables

    Kitagawa Europe |Sat, 20 Oct 2007

    The MR201 and TW2180 high productivity NC rotary tables from Kitagawa Europe are capable fo a clamping torque of 820 Nm from a 0.5 MPa pneumatic supply.

  • High speed milling insert ups productivity 30%

    Sandvik Coromant |Mon, 15 Oct 2007

    A high speed milling insert grade will improve productivity by 20-30% when medium to rough milling hard materials at elevated temperatures.

  • Hinge maintains cabinet integrity

    EMKA |Mon, 15 Oct 2007

    Emka stainless steel 1110-U120-PH hinge accommodates 26mm door returns with 180 degree opening.

  • Hygienic mass flowmeter for food applications

    Endress+Hauser |Mon, 15 Oct 2007

    At the forefront of hygienic design, the new Endress+Hauser Promass S Coriolis mass flowmeter meets all the hygienic requirements for use in the food and beverage industry

  • Industrial computers receive free upgrades

    Amplicon |Mon, 29 Oct 2007

    Amplicon's industrial computing systems now come with a free memory upgrade to 1Gbyte as standard.

  • Inertial-optical motion tracking system

    Inertial Aerosystems |Mon, 8 Oct 2007

    The innovative IS1200 TrackerVis combines a 6 degree of freedom inertial sensor with an 85 degree field of view camera lens

  • IR and non-contact thermometer with free light

    Fluke Calibration |Mon, 15 Oct 2007

    For a limited period, Fluke is offering a free Fluke LVD2 Volt Light to purchasers of a Fluke 561 Multipurpose Thermometer, a combined IR and non-contact thermometer

  • Is it time to revisit the old well in the brewery?

    Elga Process Water |Thu, 11 Oct 2007

    Jim Allen reviews the factors to consider when looking at the potential water sources available for medium sized breweries, as concern grows over water cost, quality and supply

  • Laser marking with automation

    ES Technology |Sat, 20 Oct 2007

    The Drill-Mark 6000 from ES Technology is capable of marking up to 6,200 components per hour and incorporates dual part presentation hoppers and dual marking fixtures.

  • Laser range makes coding easy

    Linx Printing Technologies |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    The Scribing Laser Range from Linx Printing Technologies will provide a wide variety of industries with laser coding that offers superior results and simplicity in installation, use and ownership.

  • Laser-machining micro-tubes

    Rofin-Baasel |Wed, 31 Oct 2007

    Linear motor technology together with directly driven rotary axes provide enhanced speed and accuracy for the laser machining of complex geometries in micro components.

  • Leakage current tester meets standards

    Telonic Instruments |Mon, 8 Oct 2007

    The TOS3200 leakage current tester stores 51 test conditions and has seven built-in measurement networks for information technology equipment and household electrical appliances.

  • LED driver suits mobile applications

    Linear Technology |Thu, 18 Oct 2007

    Linear Technology's LTC3219 LED driver provides nine individually configurable current sources for main, sub and RGB displays.

  • LEDs offer easy assembly

    Pacer |Fri, 5 Oct 2007

    Samples are now available of PerkinElmer's new ACULED VHL TM (very high lumen) ultra high power LEDs.

  • Level switches monitor liquids

    First Sensor AG |Wed, 24 Oct 2007

    The optical OLP switches use solid state technology with no moving parts for highly accurate and reliable measurements.

  • Lifting cylinders ease maintenance

    Thomson |Tue, 30 Oct 2007

    Depending on the screw lead, the MA900 series offers a peak thrust of 65,000N and a peak speed of 240cm/s.

  • Light weight and accurate flowmeter applications

    Titan Enterprises |Mon, 22 Oct 2007

    Titan Enterprises has designed some light weight oval gear flowmeters: one is used for monitoring hydraulic fluids at the end of a robot arm, another to monitor sulphite hand spraying in a vineyard

  • Lightweight accelerometer survives rough handling

    Kistler Instruments |Tue, 16 Oct 2007

    The Type 8278A accelerometer weighs only 700mg but is highly robust, and operates over a wide temperature range of -75C to +180C and can survive mechanical shocks of up to 10,000g.

  • Linear actuators have longer life with cover seal

    Parker Hannifin — Parker Sales UK |Tue, 23 Oct 2007

    The PROmech series linear actuators from Parker's Electromechanical Automation Division now have a cover seal to protect the screw from particulate matter and other debris, for longer product life.

  • Linear motor catalogue covers wide range

    Physik Instrumente |Fri, 26 Oct 2007

    PI's motor actuators are nonmagnetic, vacuum-compatible and achieve significantly higher forces and resolution than other piezo motor designs

  • Linear stages provide compact solution

    Physik Instrumente |Thu, 18 Oct 2007

    A direct metrology linear encoder with 0.1um resolution provides high linearity and positioning accuracy.

  • Long-carriage drive extends options

    Hepcomotion |Mon, 22 Oct 2007

    The SBD uses a flush, stainless steel cover strip that runs the entire length of the aluminium beam which houses the linear guide and belt.

  • Low-noise amp boosts gain in location devices

    Maxim Integrated Products |Wed, 24 Oct 2007

    With the industry's highest gain and lowest noise-figure among SiGe BiCMOS LNAs, the MAX2659 is ideal for a wide range of low-cost consumer applications.

  • Lugs provide firm mechanical anchors onboard

    Harwin |Fri, 5 Oct 2007

    Turret lugs can be used in many applications to provide a strong, reliable wire to board connection.

  • Magnetrol offer FREE PACTware - FDT/DTM capability

    Magnetrol International |Thu, 11 Oct 2007

    Magnetrol has decided to offer full and free DTM capability to all its customers, allowing the customer to troubleshoot and configure units from distance using PACTware (or other FDT Frame programmes)

  • Manage, track and consign hazardous waste simply download

    Autoscribe |Tue, 2 Oct 2007

    Matrix Hazardous Waste Tracker is a Windows based system designed to track and locate any type of hazardous waste anywhere in an organisation for compliance with regulatory authority legislation

  • Material protects against electrostatic discharge

    Elesa |Fri, 12 Oct 2007

    ESD variants will provide piece of mind in production and rework areas such as circuit board assembly or chip insertion equipment.

  • Measuring system integrated for linear guides

    Bosch Rexroth |Tue, 16 Oct 2007

    An integrated measuring system for linear guides now has adaptors for use with roller rail systems and they meet IP 67 requirements for harsh machine tool areas.

  • Metal bellows provide great flexibility

    Abssac |Wed, 3 Oct 2007

    Abssac's metal bellows provide a hermetic, all-metal pressure barrier and seal that can flex in one or more direction.

  • Metering difficult fluid flows

    Titan Enterprises |Wed, 17 Oct 2007

    For those difficult liquids, like solvents, resins, lubricating and fuel oils, aviation fuel, cleaning fluids, paint and chemicals, Titan offer a range of accurate positive displacement flowmeters

  • Mill-turn centre machines small parts

    Yamazaki Mazak |Mon, 15 Oct 2007

    To machine small, complex components in as few operations as possible, a multi-tasking mill-turn centre has advanced work-handling system.

  • Mixing nozzle design receives upgrade

    Bete |Thu, 4 Oct 2007

    The TurboMix now features three legs instead of four, resulting in an increased induction area and improved performance.

  • Modular enclosures suit switchgear

    Rittal |Wed, 10 Oct 2007

    Ri4Power enclosures have a divided interior, allowing the internal space to suit the switchgear installed.

  • Modular range of intelligent liquid level sensors

    Burkert Fluid Control Systems |Mon, 22 Oct 2007

    A new range of intelligent liquid level sensors are easily adapted to the widest range of requirements in demanding water treatment, pharmaceutical, food and other hygiene-based industries

  • Monitoring on-site production of 'Aer Medicalis'

    Beko Technologies |Tue, 23 Oct 2007

    MEDBAC (Medical Breathing Air Control) has been developed for monitoring compressed air quality in the medical field, which is subject to medical laws

  • Motors suit miniature applications

    Thomson |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    A high-speed slotless design significantly reduces vibration and eliminates cogging to provide smoother operation and better accuracy for maintaining a stable speed.

  • Mould design software reduces time to market

    Delcam |Wed, 10 Oct 2007

    Synergetic M2M Group, a mouldmaking company, has reduced time to market by weeks for complex moulds by using Delcam's Powershape CAD software for mould design.

  • Multichip diodes produce more lumens

    Pacer |Wed, 24 Oct 2007

    Aculed VHL diodes are available in a range of single colours and in an RGBY (red-green-blue-yellow) version with a higher colour rendering index.

  • Multilayer ceramic capacitors resist flexing

    TTI Europe |Fri, 5 Oct 2007

    Kemet offers four MLCC designs to address board flexure.

  • Multimeters quickly identify problems

    Fluke Calibration |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    The Fluke 287 and 289 have an AC bandwidth of 100kHz, a 0.025% basic DC accuracy and include a temperature measurement function.

  • Multispectral cameras combine visible, IR imaging

    Stemmer Imaging |Wed, 3 Oct 2007

    Available in both CameraLink (AD-080 CL) and GigE (AD-080 GE) versions, two-chip JAI multispectral cameras are now available from Firstsight Vision.

  • Multispectral cameras from JAI for QA monitoring

    Stemmer Imaging |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    Firstsight Vision can now offer multispectral cameras from JAI, uniquely providing combined visible and near IR imaging through a single lens, in one camera housing

  • Multi-spindle automatic machines billets

    Tornos |Tue, 16 Oct 2007

    A multi-spindle automatic lathe designed for machining parts from billets features a 'toboggan' loading system that allows two work pieces to be processed simultaneously.

  • New continuous polyelectrolyte batching units

    Prominent Fluid Controls |Thu, 4 Oct 2007

    ProMinent Fluid Controls has introduced the new ATR range of cost-effective three-chamber Ultromat polyelectrolyte batching systems for liquid polymer solutions prepared from powdered flocculants

  • New Delta precision dosing pump models

    Prominent Fluid Controls |Tue, 23 Oct 2007

    ProMinent Fluid Controls announces an automatic de-aeration version of its popular Delta precision dosing pump, together with two new models for the continuous dosing of volumes as small as 5ml/hr

  • New hygienic design Promass Coriolis flowmeter

    Endress+Hauser |Fri, 12 Oct 2007

    For the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector, the new Promass P Coriolis mass flowmeter offers the optimum solution

  • New low cost dual axis digital tilt sensors

    Inertial Aerosystems |Thu, 25 Oct 2007

    Inertial Aerosystems announce the availability of a new range of low cost, dual axis digital tilt sensors, the microprocessor based DAS-XX-MA-232 range

  • Non-contact engraving, cutting and marking

    ES Technology |Mon, 8 Oct 2007

    Superior non-contact engraving, cutting and marking using CO2 lasers is claimed for the range of Universal Laser Systems ( ULS ) products, from ES Technology.

  • One bearing replaces four components

    NKE |Mon, 29 Oct 2007

    The bearing features an RS synthetic rubber seal on one side, a radial oil seal between the outer and inner races as well as a felt seal with a metal cap on the other.

  • On-screen display generator adds flexibility

    Maxim Integrated Products |Wed, 31 Oct 2007

    Device integrates all the functions needed to generate and insert user-defined OSD onto a video signal, and is compatible with composite NTSC and Pal video standards.

  • Over 4500 laser welding systems delivered

    Rofin-Baasel |Wed, 31 Oct 2007

    Since the launch some 15 years ago of its first manually-operated Nd:YAG laser welder, Baasel lasertech has supplied over 4,500 machines and claims to be a leader in jewellery sector.

  • Patch transducers fit curved surfaces

    Physik Instrumente |Tue, 16 Oct 2007

    PI's P-876 line of piezo composite patch transducer can provide cost-effective, standard and customised solutions.

  • PC suits control panel mounting

    Lenze |Mon, 22 Oct 2007

    The Lenze CPC2700 suits control and visualisation tasks in industrial processes.

  • Photoelectric sensors fit in tight spaces

    Pepperl and Fuchs |Tue, 23 Oct 2007

    The new GLV18 cylindrical M18 photoelectric sensors can be mounted in tightest of spaces and are unlikely to cause an obstruction or suffer accidental damage.

  • Plasma cutting machines explained

    ESAB |Fri, 26 Oct 2007

    Guide features the full range of Esab hand plasma cutting machines designed for cutting applications ranging from 1 to 100mm.

  • Plastic moulded components for downwind turbines

    Protomold |Fri, 5 Oct 2007

    Proven Energy has used plastic moulded components from Protomould in its range of small scale, down-wind turbines.

  • Portal cutting system bridges civil engineering

    ESAB |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    ESAB's Suprarex cutting machine is used in the fabrication of a giant steel bridge known as the Berliner Brucke by a German civil engineering fabricator.

  • Positioner package for fast response times

    Samson Controls |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    A new positioner package which facilitates exact positioning with fast response times has been introduced by valve specialist Samson Controls.

  • Power chip has extremely fast transient response

    Linear Technology |Fri, 5 Oct 2007

    Synchronous step-down switching regulator controller can directly step down voltages from 100V to 0.8V with no need for a transformer.

  • Power management IC offers fast charging

    Linear Technology |Tue, 16 Oct 2007

    The powerpath manager in the LTC3557 seamlessly manages the transition between multiple input sources and power to the load

  • Power modules provide redundancy

    Pepperl and Fuchs |Wed, 3 Oct 2007

    The compact HiD power modules provides very low heat dissipation of less than 2W and can be mounted in any direction.

  • Powerful in-vehicle computing platform

    Fri, 19 Oct 2007

    Nematron Europe introduce a powerful in-vehicle computing platform with over 5 times the normal shock and vibration resilience of an industrial PC

  • Precision rails cage guides constrained

    SKF |Sun, 14 Oct 2007

    An improved anti-creeping system that counteracts troublesome cage creep in precision rail guides ensures higher precision, system rigidity and reliability.

  • Pressure sensor offers high accuracy

    IFM Electronic |Mon, 22 Oct 2007

    PI7 sensors are suited to process, hygienic and food applications, with a hygienic housing design.

  • Pressure sensor with extremely high accuracy

    IFM Electronic |Mon, 22 Oct 2007

    With the PI7 series ifm electronic presents a flush pressure sensor and switch particularly suited for processes requiring a high measuring accuracy

  • Pressure sensors monitor environmental conditions

    First Sensor AG |Wed, 24 Oct 2007

    Sensortechnics' HCA Baro sensors perform precision digital signal conditioning.

  • Pumps help fix gas pipes

    Watson-Marlow Pumps |Mon, 8 Oct 2007

    The Watson-Marlow 620Di/RE model is a dedicated dispensing pump that uses a single-channel, tube-element pumphead.

  • Push-button controller tracks voltages

    Linear Technology |Wed, 10 Oct 2007

    The LTC2953-1 uses a power-fail input (PFI) comparator and undervoltage lockout comparator to trigger software and hardware control outputs when the input supply drops below threshold voltages.

  • Rail guides prevent creep

    SKF |Tue, 23 Oct 2007

    ACS technology eliminates the problems associated with cage creep, such as friction and misalignment within caged roller units, to provide greater reliability and consistent levels of accuracy.

  • Rittal Ri4Power for low voltage power distribution

    Rittal |Thu, 11 Oct 2007

    Rittal introduce Ri4Power Form 2-4, a flexible modular system for low voltage applications in motor control or energy distribution, for loads up to 1600A

  • Robust Micro-D connector has new filter design

    Sun, 21 Oct 2007

    A robust Micro-D connector with exceptional attenuation has been developed by ITT Electronic Components, utilizing a unique internal filter design.

  • Roller screws help get satellites into space

    SKF |Wed, 3 Oct 2007

    SKF roller screws have to withstand intense vibrations, very high temperatures and extreme temperature fluctuations, and be able to operate within a vacuum.

  • Safeguarding machinery in schools and colleges

    Procter Machine Guarding |Wed, 24 Oct 2007

    Jeremy Procter, Convenor of the European Standards Committee responsible for Machine Guards, reviews the updated BS4163:2007 code of practice relating to machine safeguarding.

  • Sealless pumps effective for cleaning

    Michael Smith Engineers |Fri, 5 Oct 2007

    Hydra-Cell sealless pumps, from Michael Smith Engineers, are said to be effective for cleaning applications and are ideally suited to handling recycled fluids or those containing particulates.

  • Seal-less pumps ideal for recycling and cleaning

    Michael Smith Engineers |Wed, 3 Oct 2007

    Many factors in the use of water-based chemicals and solvent cleaning systems have made the choice of the fluid pumping system used even more critical, particularly for recycled fluids

  • Sensonics success from Miconex in China

    Sensonics |Thu, 25 Oct 2007

    As part of their on-going campaign in Asia, Sensonics recently exhibited at Miconex 2007 in Shanghai, which has produced significant power industry product interest

  • Sensor range offers greater accuracy

    Applied Measurements |Thu, 4 Oct 2007

    Applied Measurements' miniature, economy and industrial sensors now offer the option of 0.25% accuracy and a maximum delivery time of four weeks.

  • Simulation software offers ease of use

    Adept Scientific |Tue, 30 Oct 2007

    Micro Saint Sharp provides answers to "what if?" questions for systems of all sizes, shapes and complexities.

  • Single-chip inverter in electroluminescent drive

    Maxim Integrated Products |Mon, 22 Oct 2007

    The MAX4990E is a high-voltage +/-15kV ESD-protected DC/AC convertor for driving electroluminescent lamps.

  • Single-voltage supervisor offers versatility

    Linear Technology |Sat, 27 Oct 2007

    The LTC2915 can be used in applications ranging from network servers monitoring 12V to low-voltage portable equipment.

  • Sliding headstock mill-turn centre acquired

    Tornos |Fri, 5 Oct 2007

    A new Sigma 20 CNC sliding headstock mill-turn centre from Tornos to has been acquired by a clockmaker to manufacture a host of tiny components for its intricate timepiece mechanisms.

  • Small motors suit medical applications

    EMS |Fri, 12 Oct 2007

    Minimotor's LM1247 contains a metal cylinder filled with permanent magnets that moves concentrically inside the stator, resulting in a miniature linear motor with a powerful, dynamic performance.

  • Small sensor promises long life

    RDP Electronics |Mon, 29 Oct 2007

    Unguided LVDT suits applications where space is restricted and micron accuracy is required.

  • Small tilt sensors suit small environments

    Inertial Aerosystems |Wed, 24 Oct 2007

    Inertial Aerosystems DAS-XX-MA-232 dual-axis digital tilt sensors are suitable where space and weight are at a premium.

  • Small valve provides cost-effective solution

    Lee Products |Wed, 24 Oct 2007

    Lee Products' 832 side-exit check valve can handle flows of over 22.7 litres a minute at pressures up to 6.9bar.

  • Software aids chemists

    Adept Scientific |Wed, 17 Oct 2007

    ChemBioDraw provides high-quality structural drawing, analysis and querying for chemists and offers biologists their own first-class tools for drawing and annotating biological pathways.

  • Software boosts physics simulation

    Comsol |Fri, 5 Oct 2007

    Comsol Multiphysics 3.4 includes fluid dynamic solver methods for simulating very large problems in chemical engineering, heat transfer, or microfluidics applications

  • Software helps bring bike into series production

    Altair Engineering |Wed, 31 Oct 2007

    Altair HyperWorks is an integrated CAE framework containingsolutions for the complete virtual product development process.

  • Software helps students design robot

    National Instruments |Wed, 31 Oct 2007

    The Dynamic Anthropomorphic Robot with Intelligence (DARwIn) was originally developed to study human locomotion for the research and development of prosthetic limbs.

  • Software set to revolutionise checkweighing

    Sartorius Mechatronics |Mon, 29 Oct 2007

    Two amazing new software packages from Sartorius offer the ultimate cost-effective solutions for the remote control and monitoring of checkweighers with the benefit of saving users both time and money

  • Software simplifies data analysis

    National Instruments |Tue, 30 Oct 2007

    LabView SignalExpress delivers an easy to use, drag-and-drop environment for configuring data-logging and instrument control applications.

  • Solution protects against rust and welding spatter

    MacDermid |Wed, 3 Oct 2007

    Using Relubro Anti-spatter allows fast, easy cleaning of the work piece after welding or laser cutting.

  • Space saving rodless cylinders

    Bosch Rexroth |Wed, 17 Oct 2007

    The RTC series rodless cylinders from Bosch Rexroth employ an oval shape that allows for high loads and torques resulting in a space saving design, as opposed to the more common round piston.

  • Stainless steel scales for hazardous areas

    Sartorius Mechatronics |Wed, 31 Oct 2007

    The ATEX approval granted to the new Sartorius EC1XS series of stainless steel scales solves the problem of economic weighing in hazardous areas by providing a cost efficient solution

  • Step-down convertor is small and cool

    Linear Technology |Sun, 28 Oct 2007

    Dual-output synchronous step-down switching regulator controller drives all N-channel power MOSFET stages with coincident or ratiometric tracking.

  • Swing handles suit varied cabinets

    EMKA |Wed, 31 Oct 2007

    The 1180 has a black powder coated zinc die swing handle and will accept continuous rods if required, as well as connector systems.

  • System eases mount countrol

    Newport |Tue, 16 Oct 2007

    Newport's AG-UC2 controller features two rows of push buttons for step size settings, precise-low speed adjustments and fast coarse motion.

  • System speeds healthcare product design

    IGE and XAO |Wed, 17 Oct 2007

  • System speeds metrology

    Olympus Life Science |Fri, 12 Oct 2007

    Even a first-time user of the LEXT OLS3100 system can obtain, fast reliable measurement results.

  • Tension control system prevents leaks

    James Walker Rotabolt |Mon, 15 Oct 2007

    The RotaBolt 2 provides a large range of tension control on installation, tightening and in-service checking.

  • The new CoSynus checkweigher/metal detector combi

    Sartorius Mechatronics |Tue, 23 Oct 2007

    From Sartorius, the leader in weighing technology, the CoSynus is the best checkweigher/metal detector combi in the world for food industry professionals - with free average weight control software!

  • Thermal imager comes with bonus products

    Fluke Calibration |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    The Fluke Ti20 can quickly identify potential problems in industrial applications such as distribution panels, switchgear and motors.

  • Thermal imaging benefits to be explained online

    Fluke Calibration |Tue, 30 Oct 2007

    Hour-long free web seminars spell out the benefits that a purpose-designed thermal imager can bring as part of a preventive maintenance strategy.

  • Timing tool expansions improve synchronisation

    National Instruments |Tue, 16 Oct 2007

    National Instruments' new timing features are suited to the development and control of large distributed systems such as particle accelerators and high-energy physics systems.

  • Tinytag intrinsically safe data loggers

    Gemini Data Loggers |Sun, 14 Oct 2007

    Measuring and recording humidity and temperature in the petrochemicals industry is obviously fraught with danger, but the Tinytag IS datalogger is safe and water-proof too, so can be left on site

  • Titan - a vending flow measurement specialist

    Titan Enterprises |Wed, 10 Oct 2007

    Over 25 years Titan Enterprises has supplied low cost flow measurement sensors to the beverage vending and cellar management industry, based on custom engineering of industrial designs

  • Torque sensor provides extruder data

    Sensor Technology |Tue, 23 Oct 2007

    The TorqSense torque sensor collects data via a radio signal rather than being hardwired to the extruder.

  • Toxic and hazardous gases detected

    Fri, 12 Oct 2007

    A new fleet of instruments from Ashtead Technology Rentals is designed to detect toxic and hazardous gases in drains and underground cavities.

  • Truly seamless CAM to be shown at Euromold

    SolidCAM |Sun, 28 Oct 2007

    A single-window user interface and full associativity between CAD model and NC tool path in CAM software guarantees an efficient flow between 3D design model to machined part.

  • Turning centre cuts two parts in one

    Yamazaki Mazak |Sun, 28 Oct 2007

    Latest twin-turret, twin-spindle, turning centre offers simultaneous cutting of two workpieces combined with barfeed and parts handling to dramatically reduce cycle times.

  • Turning centre for precise components

    Mori Seiki |Tue, 9 Oct 2007

    A Mori Seiki NL2000SY Turning Centre was ordered on the stand at EMO Hanover show by Ottaway Engineering for the production of precise and intricate components.

  • Turret lugs for strong board connection

    Harwin |Mon, 8 Oct 2007

    A comprehensive range of turret lugs that provide a strong, reliable wire to board connection - are detailed in the catalogue and website of Harwin.

  • UK distribution deal reached for instruments

    Amplicon |Mon, 8 Oct 2007

    The Geotest range includes Smart PXI chassis, controllers and bus expanders for PXI, PCI and PCI Express.

  • Universal joints suit a range of applications

    Ondrives |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    Ondrives' universal joint range includes needle roller universal joints with outside diameters from 20 to 95mm and lengths from 88 to 290mm.

  • USB programmable temperature transmitters

    Status Instruments |Tue, 2 Oct 2007

    Status have stolen a march on the competition with the introduction of their range of cost effective USB programmable devices within their SEM1600 family of transmitters

  • Valve actuators chosen for water treatment

    Rotork |Thu, 4 Oct 2007

    44 Rotork double-acting, scotch-yoke pneumatic actuators have been installed throughout the two project stages of the Los Horcones water treatment plant.

  • Vent dryers guard against humidity and other risks

    Brownell |Mon, 29 Oct 2007

    Brownell has developed Vent Dryers to protect liquid storage vessel contents against moisture contamination for standard and high duty applications, also with easy installation

  • Vices provide accuracy for 5-axis machining

    Roemheld |Mon, 15 Oct 2007

    Hilma SCS120 and SCS80 vices from Roemheld provide accuracy for Hemlock Engineering when machining on their fast 5-axis milling machines.

  • Water recycling cuts cleaning costs

    Michael Smith Engineers |Wed, 3 Oct 2007

    Michael Smith Engineers' Hydra-Cell seal-less pumps are particularly effective for cleaning applications and are ideally suited to handling recycled fluids or fluids containing particulates.

  • Wheel-end for commercial vehicles

    SKF |Mon, 1 Oct 2007

    An advanced wheel-end for commercial vehicles, called the ModulD, has been developed in a joint project including SKF UK.

  • Work piece position monitored pneumatically

    Bosch Rexroth |Sun, 14 Oct 2007

    A pneumatic position monitoring unit can be used for controlling the presence or dimensional accuracy of work pieces in automation systems.

  • Wyko delivers GBP144,000 savings for Caterpillar

    Eriks |Fri, 26 Oct 2007

    Expensive downtime caused by hydraulic hose failures at the Caterpillar articulated truck manufacturing plant has been dramatically reduced by a straightforward and cost-effective Wyko solution